A Law & Order Debate

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Only in a news organization do people gather around the TV to watch presidential debates. Though with the big debut of Fred Thompson yesterday, there was a little more excitement than usual (not for a love of Mr. Thompson, mind you, but because finally something was different in one of these things. But that's a debate for another time). The consensus seems to be that he fell a little flat, with a few stumbles, some odd expressions, and one good zinger directed at Mitt Romney (though, in fairness, Romney's zinger was better). And the latest poll numbers out of Iowa show it's now Romney and Thompson in the top two spots (Hillary Clinton took the lead over John Edwards among Democrats). Did you catch any of the debate, or just clips of Fred Thompson? How'd he do? And if you've actually seen and of the candidates in person, what's your impression?



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Re: the caller's dislike of Hillary's reaction to the Iran question:

Maybe Hillary feels she must support the Iran vote so that she can win enough Republican or pro-war/defense votes to get elected President? So she can get to a place where she can enable Democratic values to prevail as much as possible? So the Democrats don't lose the election to the Republicans? Yet, if people don't already understand she has to make decisions based on politics to be able to do good through politics, then how does it help to explain it to them explicitly? Then people will just say she makes decisions based on politics, instead of what she thinks is right. When, in fact, to do what is right through politics, doesn't she have to do both? Make compromises? Perhaps that's why she bristles, because she is showing honestly her feelings about how difficult it becomes to do good through politics when people do not understand the nature of the task.

Sent by Irene | 2:56 PM | 10-10-2007

Who needs another actor for president. What America neds is middleclass representation and a very good trade rep, eeducation secretary, secretary of state, and most of all a level headed non-political or bipartisian ECONOMIST!

Sent by Vicki Percival | 8:40 PM | 10-10-2007

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