Elections, in 2007?

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In just a few short days, we'll be able to say that the 2008 election is only a year away. "Only a year away," you say? Indeed. We have twelve more months of debates and primaries and caucuses. Are you thrilled? (Over this transom, I can sense your excitement). Could the campaign be any longer?! Next week, for a few precious minutes at least, voters in some cities, in a handful of states, will get to focus on other elections. They'll go to the polls to vote for governors and congressmen and mayors and council members. At the very least, they'll get to try out new voting machines. Our "Political Junkie," Ken Rudin, will be here to talk about the 2007 elections. Is there an election in your neck of the woods next week? What's at stake? For whom are you planning to vote? And have you even had time to think about these upcoming elections?



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Like many voters, a candidate's view on the war is my number one issue. However, there are smaller issues that kind of get swept under the rug that interest me a lot. One of them is the status of Puerto Rico. Even though it is just an unincorporated territory of the United States there are many Puerto Rico residents in Iraq, some dying for the USA, but yet they can't vote. I'm really interested in any candidate that has a public stance on the issue of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has essentially been under United States control since 1898 when it was invaded by the US Military. Even though Puerto Rico is self-governing at this point, many feel that Puerto Rico should be an independent nation with the USA giving them their complete freedom. The only candidate that I've found that has even made a comment on this is Barack Obama.

Sent by Adam In Iowa | 2:21 PM | 10-31-2007

Can you please talk about the ISSUES!?!?!?! Can you compare various positions of candidates and talk about what our country needs? your political segment is notoriously empty of substance. All you do is talk about polls and "attacks". it does nothing to make us an informed populous. You are little different than this Onion segment:

Sent by Joe M. | 2:44 PM | 10-31-2007

Why isn't Ron Paul included in the Pew Research Center polling information? Sounds like incomplete and false information.

Nicholas in Boise

Sent by Nicholas Combs | 2:45 PM | 10-31-2007

I want the democrats to discuss where they see oil prices going if/when we pull out of Iraq.

I want the democrats to realize that Guliani talks more about how they (D) are going to raise taxes on American citizens more than he talks about 911. All I hear Guillian say is how Democrats will raise your taxes...reminds me how George Wallace would say that his opponet would integrate school.s

Sent by Jay in Birmingham | 2:47 PM | 10-31-2007

My biggest concern right now is H.R. 1955. People should Google this. If this bill passes, I will vote for anyone who says they will repeal it.

Sent by Sam | 3:05 PM | 10-31-2007

It's no surprise in Oregon. We have two very divisive ballot measures on the ballot, with millions of dollars spent on their campaigns. (I'm sick of the ads and recorded phone calls.)

The two issues? Land use rights and tobacco taxes.

Measure 49 revises the previously passed Measure 37 that had the potential to basically undo Oregon's famous (and powerful) property use zoning laws.

Measure 50 is an increase on tobacco taxes that has two main controversies. One is that the increase is aimed at establishing childrens' healthcare, where opponents of the measure claim that not enough (only 30%) of the raised money will go to the healthcare program (although supporters claim that 70% will go to the program.) The other controversy is that this tax increase is on the ballot as a constitutional amendment.

Sent by Ed Hurtley | 3:49 PM | 10-31-2007

We desperately need campaign finance reform so the next campaign won't be three years long.

We need to sensibly reform our drug laws/sentencing rules.

We need to have nationwide single-payer health care AND we need to then repeal the special health care only available to Congress. They'll have mor eincentive to actually do something if it's their issues on the line.

We need to do something serious about population growth, like...funding birth control in the U.S. and rescinding the gag rules regarding birth control overseas.

We need the corporations who own the government to start paying more attention to voters *ahem* consumers when assigning their hundreds of lobbyists per Congresscritter.

Sent by Kate | 3:39 PM | 11-2-2007

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