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Every once in a while, a sad story we've been following ends up happy: Genarlow Wilson is free. A quick review: Genarlow was a high school senior when a video tape depicting him receiving oral sex from a girl two years younger surfaced. By all accounts, the sex was consensual, but because of the difference in their ages, Genarlow was tried and convicted of aggravated sexual molestation... and sentenced to ten years in prison. Through the tireless work of his attorney, B.J. Bernstein, his story gained interest and attention, and with it, the outrage over his extreme sentence reached a fever pitch. Georgia's Supreme Court heard it loud and clear (calling the sentence, in a 4-3 split vote, "cruel and unusual punishment"), and now Genarlow's out.



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I have a low income employee. Whose kid is in Jail for similar crime as Wilson; She did not have money and he was just processed and still rots in jail and to be branded child abuser for rest of his life - when he does get out.

Does he have any chance ? Or this whole thing is just for Wilson because he is so high profile ?

Sent by Sri Narra | 3:27 PM | 10-29-2007