Hollywood on Darfur

Mia Farrow is most famous for her movies, but lately she's been splitting her time between Hollywood and humanitarian work... Especially when it comes to Darfur. And she points a finger directly at China for not doing more to stop the killing in Sudan. China is their most important trading partner (they buy roughly 2/3 of Sudan's oil), giving Beijing a lot of leverage over the government in Khartoum. In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal last Friday, Mia Farrow pushed China to do more on Darfur. And with what she calls, the "Genocide Olympics" coming to Beijing next year, she argues now is the time to turn the screws on China... and anyone involved with the games.



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Mia Farrow has it right on, now is the time to put pressure on China. Not only is China behind Darfur, China is arming Iraqi insurgents. Read about it in "The Arsenal of the Iraq Insurgency: It's made in China," at the Heritage Foundation website. But most disturbing is what the Chinese regime is doing to its own citizens in hospitals. Organ theft. Detained Falun Gong practitioners and anyone seen by the regime as a threat may have their organs taken and their bodies incinerated. And this is not only on a small scale, this is happening in 33 Chinese provinces in major transplant centers that draw customers from around the world. Read about it David Matas and David Kilgour's investigation, "Bloody Harvest."

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