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Less Talk, More Rock!

Less Talk, More Rock!

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Sometimes it's hardest to blog about the things about which you care the most... and this is that kind of post. We've got a band coming in to play... Pinback. And though they don't know it, Pinback and I go way back. In the late '90s I was a shift DJ at my college radio station, WUOG in Athens, GA (26,000 watts and almost as many choices!)*. Part of the way to remain a DJ in good standing was to screen the piles of cds and 7"s that came into the studio each week, sifting through the sediment for sparkles. Some people considered it a chore, but I loved putting on my headphones and holding the fate of a band in my hands. One afternoon I plugged in and put on a 7" I'd selected from the stack for no real reason. And as the record started, I had one of those amazing "a-ha!" moments... THIS is good. This should be played till the grooves wear out. "This" was Pinback's first release, and I've been with them ever since**. Are you a fan? Leave the story of your favorite show here... I will too!

*Back then our motto was "less talk more ROCK!" My... how far I've come (fallen?)
**I have a Pinback song as my ring tone on my cell phone. TRUST me when I say that phone is set to "vibrate" today... how embarrassing would it be if it rang while I was trying to be all cool and professional?



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I'm sorry to disagree with Sarah, but this music is just not for the NPR airwaves. I fully support the idea of bringing creative and talented acts into the TOTN studio, but I fail to see that in Pinback. I honestly checked my radio dial to make sure it hadn't accidentally been changed to the local Clear Channel alternative station. Was there any surprise that this sort of programming produced phone calls from hysterical fans? Pardon the negative attitude, but I don't think NPR listeners tune in to hear top 40 radio.

Sent by Tim | 4:07 PM | 10-8-2007

I can't say I'm a big fan of Pinback, but I can say it's good to see an old friend of mine getting somewhere in the music business. I first met Rob back in the late 80s. He was my friend Monica's boyfriend and I'd probably heard more about him than he thought most people knew before I'd even met him. When I did finally meet him, we hit it off. We became friends, and then housemates. Not only is Rob a talented musician, he's also a good person. I'm glad he's out there playing for the world. Maybe it's not my thing, but I know that what Rob does isn't gonna' get anybody to commit suicide or rob a store or shoot their mom or anything.

Sent by Matt Lynch | 4:56 PM | 10-9-2007

I'm so glad that you had Pinback in the studio and I fully support the idea of interviews and live performances of all kinds of music.

Sent by Sean | 5:54 PM | 10-9-2007

Well, it sounds like a snooty tooty needs to take a deep breath and really listen. How do you put Pinback into a top 40 category? Is this one of Pinback's old girlfriends trying to get back? Pinback is very original. Tim is top 40!

Sent by Jill | 12:04 AM | 10-10-2007

I'm surprised that you [Tim] can't see the talent in Pinback. They're an alternative group that plays music thats easy to listen to, and conveys a lot of emotion without cheapening itself with the usual self pity bit you see in today's pop music. Pinback has never been a hit group. They've made a lot of good music, but the height of their fame came from a brief feature of their song "Fortress" on Fox's "The OC". It was kicked around on the radio for maybe a month and half. Top 40? Not in any mainstream listing.

Sent by Galen | 2:55 AM | 10-10-2007

Tim, when you equate a cutting-edge indie band like Pinback with "top 40 radio" you demonstrate not only your ignorance but also your prejudices. I suspect you were turned off by the delightful Lacey of Daytona Beach who, despite her youthful enthusiasm, actually asked some interesting quetions (had you bothered to lower yourself to listen carefully).

Sent by Stu | 4:04 AM | 10-10-2007

Well, with all this feedback I decided to give Pinback a second listen. I'll admit that I based my opinion on their live performance (which sounded awful, I'm sorry). Pinback's studio work is definitely better than I had imagined, but still far from noteworthy. I'm pleased to hear the Indigo Girls on TOTN today. Although I don't listen to their music either, I recognize and appreciate their impact on the music world. These are the types of acts I would expect to hear on NPR. I'm sorry that I don't see that in Pinback. And thank you for including me in the top 40!

Sent by Tim | 2:30 PM | 10-18-2007