Living in a World of Porn

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I hail from the Porn Capital of the World. That's right, porn. SoCal's San Fernando Valley (see: Magnolia) is the mecca of all that is porn-y — buying, selling, producing, you name it. And Chatsworth, my little hamlet wedged against the Santa Ana mountains, is the central hub of activity . That's our claim to fame: porn and raining frogs. Of course, growing up, I was always oblivious to this. It wasn't until high school that I became faintly aware of the undercurrent of the town. And it wasn't until college that I realized the peach house down the street was really a "production studio" for porno films. Fun times. Today we talk to Claire Hoffman about why the porn industry is suffering at the hands of its would-be savior: the Internet.



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I see by the lack of comments that there is a big "who cares" about the "suffering" of the porn industry. I did not get to hear this segment, but I know that the same places that one can "illegally" download MP3's, there are porn clips, and whole movies that are available to download for free. the difference is that the record labels will persecute, I mean prosecute, the music downloaders, but the porn producers know that they will have no support in attepting to prosecute the freeloaders of their product.

Sent by tim | 7:33 PM | 10-25-2007

Hey, Tim. In this case, nobody is "freeloading." The iPorn described in this segment was not created by commercial "porn producers." Rather, it was produced by amateurs who enjoy allowing other people watch them have sex.

Sent by ed | 6:32 PM | 10-27-2007

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