Mid-Season Superbowl

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It's the battle of undefeateds that everyone's talking about: this weekend, the New England Patriots head to Indianapolis to try their tricks and treats against the Colts. It's the battle of young quarterbacks Manning and Brady, the matchup of Reggie vs. Randy, and I really hope it lives up to the hype. There are so many factors to bandy about (Colts coming off a bye week, Patriots outscoring everyone into oblivion), but when it comes down to it, I just hope it's a good game. Something few seem to be talking about, though, is the other two teams with perfect records... perfectly awful records, that is: the Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams, both winless. Here's a pretty hilarious send-up of those two standouts... imagine that matchup!



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At the end of the interview, your guest said "... GFY ...." Pretty tricky of him to sneak that in on Halloween - also pretty low brow and a poor reflection on Boston fans, as well as NPR to allow it. Patriots 42, Colts 45 - Vinatieri kicks the game winner from over 50 yards with less than 3 seconds left, then says, "Hey Pats, GFY!"

Sent by Matt Roseberry | 4:23 PM | 10-31-2007

I had no interest in the game before I heard this interview. Now I hope the Colts mop up the field with the Patriots. If the Patriots have any class, they will come on your show and apologize for this man's arrogance and poor taste. He left a very bad impression of the team and the fans.

Sent by Stephanie Rudy | 7:08 PM | 10-31-2007

If Talk is going to bring in a complete HOMER like Fitzgerald to talk about the match, perhaps they should have brought in an Indianapolis sports writer too. Incidentally, I would love for Mr. Fitzgerald to present EVIDENCE that the rest of the league cheated as Belichick did, and after he has done that, he can explain how that makes it right! It seems some people in the Patriots' camp need a lesson in integrity, but perhaps will have to settle for a loss in the RCA Dome on Sunday.

Sent by Jeff in OK | 11:04 PM | 10-31-2007

Do me a favor, as a local NPR station member, and huge fan of your program, don't ever bring that "Fitzy" back on the air!! What were your producers thinking? As if Boston fans of any stripe aren't going to be obnoxious enough, what with sweeping the World Series and crushing every NFL opponent so far this season, now I have to listen to this clown! I was merely looking forward to a match-up of excellent football teams, but now I look forward to the Colts whipping the Patsies. GFY indeed - I hope he makes to Cincinnati sometime.

Sent by G in Cincy | 9:40 AM | 11-1-2007

Actually, G, Fitzy was in fact in Cincinnati. It was during the Monday Night Football game where the Patriots dismantled your Bengals.

Sent by opposite_prime in Boston | 12:25 PM | 11-1-2007

As a long time watcher of Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Web Cast, I would like to comment on the disdain being cast on this lovable character.

First of all, all you people saying crap about his love of the New England sports teams should keep in mind that there is someone just as caustic in your market saying the exact same things. It goes with sports.

Second, NPR is the national home of free speach. If he's got something to say, he should be allowed to say it. You should be allowed to respond how you want. You shouldn't be allowed to try and prevent him from saying his opinion, because I'm sure he will always listen to yours.

Oh, and one other thing - GFY

Sent by Cutty in Bean Town | 12:41 PM | 11-1-2007

It's becoming so popular these days to hate on Boston sports fans, sports teams, and sports personalities. It's a pretty common psychological phenomenon: your opponent is tough and beats so you demonize every aspect of him/her/it. Much easier to deal with that way.

Sent by Jimmy Hoffa | 1:34 PM | 11-1-2007

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