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Garrison Keillor always returns to Lake Wobegon.

Garrison Keillor always returns to Lake Wobegon. Source: Brian Velenchenko hide caption

toggle caption Source: Brian Velenchenko

A Prairie Home Companion was my first introduction to public radio. When I was little, we listened to Garrison Keillor and the prairie players every Thanksgiving as our hosts put the finishing touches on the turkey, and I helped set the kids' table. The highlight of the program was always Keillor's tales from Lake Wobegon, and our slicing, plating, and mashing would slow a bit as our ears swiveled toward the radio, focusing on his story. It's such a part of my family's early years that my dad wore out not one, but two Powdermilk Biscuits shirts, and my mom's Bertha's Kitty Boutique tee is threadbare, to say the least. We're talking with Garrison today — he's got a new story from Lake Wobegon out, called Pontoon — what's your favorite story, book, or show sponsor?



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Or, judging by that photograph, Garrison Keillor always returns to Central Park....

Sent by David Gura | 2:05 PM | 10-15-2007

At age five, A Prairie Home Companion was my introduction to public radio. I remember traveling home with my family from a visit to the Sandia Mountains outside Albuquerque, NM while listening to PHC for the first time. I am now 17 and still a faithful listener! By far my favorite PHC show is "The Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra-" I am a clarinetist and the humor in this piece is uncannily accurate!

Sent by Rebekah Sims | 3:13 PM | 10-15-2007

In the old show, the opening tune was, "Hello Love." When you brought the show back, you began using, "Honey, could we have some more." Why the change and will we ever hear "Hello Love" again? Also, I am part of a folk trio, New Third Coast, from Northern Michigan, that would be appropriate for you show. How do we get considered to appear on your show. If it helps, Claudia Schmidt is a close friend of ours and has been on your show a number of times. If it helps more, I'm a 1/4 Finn!!!

Sent by Bryan Poirier in Cedar, Michigan | 3:17 PM | 10-15-2007

Is there a reason why in the movie your character showed a distant and not as concerned with people around you as you communicates on the radio?

Sent by Claudia | 3:34 PM | 10-15-2007

I used to listen to PHC when I was young and never really paid much attention to it because it was my parents station, but as I have gotten older and moved away from home I find it brings me back to my hometown in Kansas everytime I listen. I now live in Taiwan and I can only find the news of Lake Wobegon on itunes but can't find the whole show, is the whole show online anywhere?
Thank you for bringing me home every week, it makes living in a foreign country a little easier. And please never retire, returning home in my mind is always better than returning there in reality.

Sent by Brian, in Taipei | 12:30 PM | 10-16-2007

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