PoJu: Gore Edition

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Scott's upstairs covering the Mukasey hearings, so I get to steal the PoJu post. There's fun to be had this hour — a trivia question (you gotta listen for that, we're not letting you search the World Wide Web for those answers), a story about funny family relationships (Obama had the best joke on that one), and of course Gore-y speculation. He says he's not running, but that won't stop us from jabbering about it. Also on tap for today, Paul Tsongas' widow wins a special election, the Iowa GOP moves up its caucus date, and the Values Voters Summit is bringing Republicans to Washington, to state their positions. Come on in, get your political fix. We've got Rudin.



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I would be very interested to see what happens if Iowa Democrats do not also choose the 3rd as the caucus date. Leaving the caucus on the 14th, or choosing the 5th, which is also in consideration, would allow Iowans to vote in both caucuses. For voters like me who have not decided which caucus to vote in, let alone which candidate to support, giving Independents the chance to support both a Republican and a Democratic candidate might wildly change the outcomes of both races.

Sent by Amanda | 2:25 PM | 10-17-2007

What will happen next? Dan Quayle gets a Nobel Prize for re-affirming gravity. Of course climate 'changes'...of course humans 'evolve'. All that we know does not come to a screeching halt because WE are currently on earth. The arrogance...That does not mean we should not manage natural resources more diligently...but come on...the cause and effect on this issue are WAY out of whack...

Sent by brian | 2:46 PM | 10-17-2007

Vice President who won the Nobel Peace Prize was Coolidge's Veep, Charles Dawes.

Sent by Mark Springer | 2:54 PM | 10-17-2007

Charles Dawes VP under Silent Cal won the Peace Prize.

Sent by Mary P. Collins | 2:55 PM | 10-17-2007

Draft Gore New Hampshire, a grass roots organization with no formal connection to the Al Gore, has collected more than 1300 signatures from New Hampshire voters over the summer asking that Al Gore consider the state's primary.

An analysis of the party registration of 400 of the signers of the Draft Gore petition reveals that 52% are undeclared, 37% are Democrats, 11% are Republicans.

Planning for a primary 'get-out-the-vote' campaign for the Gore is seriously underway.

Find out the details: http://www.DraftGoreNH.com

'Farrell S. Seiler, State Coordinator
Draft Gore New Hampshire
Littleton, New Hampshire

Sent by Farrell S. Seiler | 4:35 PM | 10-17-2007

as soon as I heard the teaser about the Cheney-Obama relation being refered to as "All in the Family", and instant visual popped into my head about Archie Cheney's neighbor Obama Jefferson wanting to be "movin' on up" to the White House.

Sent by tim | 5:55 PM | 10-17-2007

To my embarrassment, I could think of no Vice President before Mr. Gore who would have qualified for a peace prize. When I searched the Nobel Prize web site for an answer, I passed Charles Dawes's name at least once because I had never considered who President Coolidge's running mate could have been. (That come under the "Whadda Ya Know" category of "things you should have learned in school, if you'd been paying attention.") Nice job to Mr. Springer and Ms. Collins if they were carrying that information around in their heads!

Sent by Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky | 6:03 PM | 10-17-2007

The podcast was uploaded late, hence the delay in my comment, but anyways I wonder what impact Stephen Colbert will have in the race. If Stephen Colbert actually does end up running in the South Carolina primary, and he ends up doing really well, I think it might have an interesting impact, to say the least.

Sent by Eric Koch | 3:06 PM | 10-18-2007

Although I laud Maine's acknowledgement of youth sexuality, I expect that access to birth control without parental consent further hushes the conversation regarding sex that already rarely occurs between parent and child. As a society we must accept that we are sexual beings and we must begin to deconstruct sex as taboo by facilitating conversations about safe sex that includes people of all ages that are curious about such topics.

Sent by Jose Guadarrama | 2:39 PM | 10-22-2007

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