Rockin' Rockies

I grew up in North Carolina, so I'm accustomed to sports rivalries. As far as I'm concerned, there is no greater match up than UNC v. Duke. We follow basketball and football religiously. But baseball? Not so much. The Durham Bulls play down the street, but there isn't a Major League team for miles. Any allegiance to a baseball club comes from my dad, who grew up in Massachusetts, and pulls for the Red Sox. He has his fingers crossed, hoping that there will be an upset or two in Cleveland. My mom, who grew up in Denver, rarely has a dog in the fight. But this year things are different. The Guras are hoping for Red Sox v. Rockies. Are you?



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I am a loyal listener to TOTN and NPR. I was initially suprised today when Alan Schwarz incorrectly reported that the Colorado Rockies had swept the "Cubs" and Diamondbacks, when they actually swept my beloved "Phillies" not the Cubs! But then I remembered that he was a New York sports writer, and was still in denial that the Mets had been pushed out of the Eastern Division by, yes, those same Phillies.

Sent by Bernadette Marcum | 7:49 PM | 10-16-2007

Looks as if you could get your wish, Gura. I can't believe the Red Sox couldn't pull it off last night. I'm watching to see what happens in Cleveland tomorrow night. Normally I don't have a dog in this fight either, but this year I'm mildly interested. My husband is a fellow at Harvard this year and when I go up to visit him I never cease to be amazed at how mesmerized Red Sox fans are by the game. They will stand in front of Cardullo's, a Cambridge institution that has put a big screen TV in their display window, and regardless of the weather they watch and root for their team. Most bars or restaurants, be they 3-star or some local student dive have a TV, and the fans are glued to it. Truly a baseball town.

Sent by Carline | 6:20 AM | 10-17-2007

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