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Killer Fever

Killer Fever

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Michael C. Hall as Dexter.

Michael C. Hall as Dexter. Source: Showtime hide caption

toggle caption Source: Showtime

He can't control his urge to kill. So he channels it toward the common good... by only killing the bad guys. A modern day vigilante, Dexter is a blood splatter expert by day, and a serial killer by night. In the first season of this new Showtime drama, we saw Dexter struggle to maintain a facade of normalcy as he tried to imitate the emotions he can't feel. Now, in the second season, Dexter finds himself having to help the police department track himself down for one of his own murders. Campy and full of twists, Dexter is definitely worth a Sunday night — or a Wednesday afternoon, as we've got Michael C. Hall here to tell us all about it. Post your questions for the Dexter star (and erstwhile Six Feet Under cast member) here.



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This is absolutly my favorite show on TV. Thanks for helping it get the exposure it needs to not turn into another showtime show that dies before it gets the fan base it needs to keep it going!

Sent by Jabin | 3:44 PM | 11-7-2007

I agree. This show is reflective of our society that has become desensitized to murder and actually become addicted to it.

Sent by Lisa Handley | 3:56 PM | 11-7-2007

I have not seen the Dexter show.

I know many people would agree with killing those who deserve it. It seems to me that is the justification for much evil behavior.

It all seems to be okay until someone is killed in which it is questionable if the punishment fits the crime.

Has Dexter ever made a mistake in his "rules" and accidentally killed someone who does *not* deserve to be killed?

Sent by Tory Patnoe, Denver CO | 3:59 PM | 11-7-2007

So, in the second season episodes that have aired to date, we're beginning to explore the idea that maybe Dexter was shaped into *believing* that he was a sociopath by Harry (versus really and truly being one). I think this is consistent with what we've seen from the very beginning in the way you portrayed Dexter. Do you think he was ever truly a sociopath, or just really emotionally frozen/stunted from his mother's death and then Harry's influence?

Sent by Vanessa Calvin | 4:42 PM | 11-7-2007

Dexter is probably going to start here in Germany in 2008. And guess what, people are already concerned about that. They call Dexter an "Orgy of blood" and they think that Dexter won'tmake it to the screen eventually. If you were responsible for the promotion, how would you sell Dexter to an audience that is not prepared for a TV Show with a serial killer as the main character(hero)?

PS: Sorry for my english :)

Sent by Daniela Rahn | 5:09 PM | 11-7-2007

I don't have a question, I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite shows currently on TV, and it just keeps getting better. So a big thank you to Michael C. Hall and the rest of the cast and crew for making this show so darned awesome!

Sent by Brian Rubin, Los Angeles, CA | 5:10 PM | 11-7-2007

I've never religiously watched a show until Dexter. Thank you Mr. Hall for really brilliantly recreating this incredible character!
I'm afraid I don't have any questions, but I just want to say thank you, and incredible work!

Sent by Sam Hamilton | 5:11 PM | 11-7-2007

Thank goodness for the History and Discovery channels...

Sent by Robert | 7:13 PM | 11-7-2007

I'd stop watching T.V. all together, now the only thing that keeps me glue to my tv is this amazing show. Thanks, Dexter. I LOVE YOU! :)

Sent by GEM | 8:15 PM | 11-7-2007

You are an amazing actor Michael & you show us a perfect Dexter. I can't imagine anyone else playing this unique character but you.

I'm absolutely in love with Rita & Dexter's relationship. As complex as Dexter is, I think the simplest thing about him is that he loves her & her kids, even though he doesn't realize it or doesn't want to admit it to himself. Do you think we'll ever get to see Dexter telling Rita he loves her? Also, I'm in love with the chemistry you've got with Julie, it's so powerful & real, do you guys enjoy working together?

Sent by Vivian | 8:26 PM | 11-7-2007

How does it feel to be such a loved serial killer? Do you think a real serial killer would be so accepted?

Those are my question for Michael C. Hall. Thanks.

Sent by Chelsey R. | 8:48 PM | 11-7-2007

This show is like CSI on crack. It's awesome. It really takes it to that next level. I haven't seen any S2 yet, but I'm sure when it comes out on DVD it'll soon be part of my collection.

Sent by anamin | 8:50 PM | 11-7-2007


Sent by Me | 9:14 PM | 11-7-2007

dexter is so awesome!
did you read the books when you got cast to play him?

Sent by robyn | 4:17 AM | 11-8-2007

Ok i just LLLLOOOOOOOOOOVE the show!


Ok my questions are:

As an actor do you see Dexter as anti hero, anti villain , hero or villain?

and the other one

What does Dexter and Michael C. Hall think about Lila?

Sent by Alex S | 1:05 PM | 11-8-2007

After all of the attention, I watched Dexter for the first time last night. I was struck by how the Dexter character is an Everyman character -- he has moral conflicts, experiences conflicts between his inner life and his public life, and experiences many of the same social situations. By thinking about Dexter's attitude and problems, I think it helps us -- as Everyhumans -- to think about how our individual perspectives may be alienating and anti-social. It really highlights the tension between fulfilling individual needs and fulfilling corporate needs. I think that's what makes it addictive -- we see ourselves in every choice Dexter makes to set aside his desires for the common good.

Sent by Rachel H | 3:48 PM | 11-8-2007

Michael, you are an incredible actor! Just love your portrayal of a man who thinks he has no feelings. It's so cool that you can convey the sense that Dex often does not know the correct way to respond in a given situation. I never watched '6 feet under' but now i'll be buying the dvds!! Love you!!!

Sent by Audre | 1:03 AM | 11-9-2007

I really love the show Dexter. It's very addictive! I'm wondering how Dexter can chose between both Rita and Lila?! They seem to be wonderful women! What a confusion place for someone who cannot feel to be put in.

Michael is one of the best actors of his generation. I hope the show continues for many years to come! Thank you!

Sent by Harpo | 10:17 AM | 11-10-2007

We've been a big fan of Michael C. since Six Feet under. My hubby & I just started watching it, and rented Season 1 a few weeks ago. The most creative show on TV!! Michael is a fantastic actor & we someday hope to see him on stage since he does so much of that.

Sent by Stacy Jeske | 3:45 PM | 11-12-2007

I believe DEXTER is currently the best series offered on television today. I have watched every episode of both seasons that have been aired up until today in chronological order and have not missed a single word of dialogue. This is truly a brilliant unfolding story, filled with spinetingling twists and turns with a dash of humor thrown in at just the right moments.

I was also a huge fan of SIX FEET UNDER, which was where I first became exposed to Michael C. Hall. He is by far a superb actor. The casting on DEXTER is right on the money. I live for this series and recommend it highly, you will not be disappointed.

Sent by Debra Driscoll, North Port, FL | 8:07 PM | 11-22-2007