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November 1st Show

On our final show this week, here's what happening:

Recent cases involving The Jena Six and Genarlow Wilson have raised questions and quite a bit of criticism about racial inequality and sentencing. In our first hour, guests tackle the issue of racial and ethnic disparities in the American criminal justice system, and a D.C. Superior Court judge explains the programs in place that are geared toward juvenile justice reform. Following that, we'll enter the world of three karate kicking superheros who call themselves "The PowerPuff Girls." Yes, they may only be cartoon characters to us mere mortals... but like humans, someone decided they needed a makeover. Find out how a process called "transcreation" altered the heroines' look for audiences in Japan.

We'll talk about Afghanistan in our second hour. Khaled Hosseini, author of "The Kite Runner" and most recently "A Thousand Splendid Suns," returned to his birthplace of Afghanistan four years ago. His commentary about his homecoming appeared in The Wall Street Journal last week where he outlines the fear among Afghans that they will be forgotten. Hosseini is among our guests who will talk about the critical future of Afghanistan. After that, we will talk with director Tony Kaye about his new film, Lake of Fire, a controversial documentary that examines both sides of the abortion debate.

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See you back here next week.