Christmas at the Widget Factory

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Yup, workin' on Christmas, y'all! Source: Sarah Handel hide caption

toggle caption Source: Sarah Handel

It'd be pretty easy for me to be a real grinch today, if I wanted... yup, here I am, working on Christmas. But instead of complaining about it — waaaaay too easy — I'd rather talk about the good things. It is Christmas, after all! So here are the good things about working on Christmas, in no particular order (save that first one):

1. My family's awesome, and time-shifts Christmas morning to whenever I get home this evening. That's love, people.
2. The morning commute is a breeze. Not so hot is the fact that Dunkin' was closed — no coffee for Sarah — but the fact that there were literally three DC cop cars idling in the parking lot anyway filled me with mirth. So on the whole, that counts as a good thing.
2A. The NPR parking garage is free for the holiday. Score!
3. The "we're all in this together mentality." Of course, getting the show on the air can be a trial, but today, sweetness and light.
4. I get to direct the show today, and play holiday music for every break! You know I love that!

So, if you're working today, I want to know: what's good about it?



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I'm an RN working today at Edgewood Center for Children and Families in San Francisco. There are about 15 kids here today who don't have families availabe to take them for the holiday. I'm Jewish and this is the first year I've witnessed ANY children -- let alone kids without families -- getting so excited about their Christmas experience. I feel so privileged to be a part of this special day for these amazingly special children.

Sent by Angelique von Halle | 2:16 PM | 12-25-2007

Here I am at work on Christmas in a very appropriate place to be on a religious holiday--a retreat house. I'm writing from Chapel House at Colgate University, in the hills of central New York State. People of all denominations come here for a silent retreat, and I have the fun of meeting them, making sure they're comfortable, preparing their meals, helping them find music, books, and art in our collection, and--in more clement weather--relocating the visiting mice! Happy holidays to everyone at work today.

Sent by Susan Weitz | 2:30 PM | 12-25-2007

Friend Pam is retired Post Office and I am retired FedEx. We share stories of going in on Christmas day to ID then deliver gifts........ Ah two good Santa companies

Sent by Sharon | 2:37 PM | 12-25-2007

I'm writing from a freezing cold day (32 degrees) in Suttons Bay, Michigan, just outside of Traverse City, in northern lower Michigan (the top left of the mitt below the bridge). I'll be working at the only movie theatre in rural Leelanau (pronounced Leelahnah) County today. I'm a projectionist and assistant manager. We are one of the few places open for people to have something else to do. I'm Jewish and always volunteer to work during Christmas time, so I don't mind working today at all.

I used to go out for Chinese food, but our one Chinese restaurant in our village is unfortunately closed today.

Sent by Lisa Danto | 2:38 PM | 12-25-2007

kudos to all water and sewer workers! we keep the water and toilets working throughout the holidays, weekends, bowl games, all the time.

Sent by sean hancock | 3:02 PM | 12-25-2007

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