Eat, Pray, Love, Read, Talk, Drink, Make Out, Write

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There are a couple of books that I like to buy in bulk. I keep a couple extra copies of Henderson the Rain King around (good for men, and people needing a transformative experience), always a few Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (I just love it, and I like to spread it around), and always a stack of the memoir, Eat, Pray, Love. I give it to all the women who pass through my house and have somehow missed it (there aren't many at this point**). Believe me, I was primed to ignore it — anything that has a spiritual journey in it kinda makes me want to watch a rerun of The O.C.. But the sheer charm of the writing obliterated all my skepticism with such force that I found myself trying to choose a mantra before the book was over. It's like a long lunch with your daffiest, smartest, warmest friend. Well, today, as a special holiday gift for y'all, that friend is spending a half hour with Neal Conan, and YOU. Merry Chrismukkah.*

*See? There was a spiritual side to The O.C., too!

**Check out this fan blog!!



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Is Richard from Texas real?

Sent by Tracey | 3:22 PM | 12-19-2007

Please comment on your decision not to have children and the important role you believe that women without children play. Will this topic be another book?

Sent by Carolyn Argust | 3:24 PM | 12-19-2007

Just wonder if you were in Ganeshpuri India at the Ashram. I was there in 95 for a couple of months.

Sent by B Alford | 3:26 PM | 12-19-2007

My husband and I took a marvelous tour of Italy in May. One of the couples in the group, when asked what they hoped to get out of the trip commented, "We plan to eat and drink our way through Italy. Among my personal favorites was the tiramasu gelato in Florence. Any that I've had since then palls by comparison!

Sent by Harriet Diss, Oro Valley, AZ | 3:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I read this book recently. The book seemed to be another "All About Me, Me, Me" book The author could not engage my interest in whether or not she might awaken the next morning.

Sent by Jeanne Ryan | 3:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I loved the book. It made me want to have Elizabeth over for coffee. I'm a therapist and I cannot tell you how many times I've referred clients to the passage where Richard is explaining "soul mate" to Elizabeth. So often people initiate therapy because their "soul mates" have defined the relationship differently. The explanation in the book helps to validate my client's experience but also to offer an explanation as to why the relationship didn't last forever.
Thank you, Elizabeth...and if you'd ever like to have coffee, or tea, let me know.

Sent by Sandi Li | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I was so very thrilled to hear for the first time someone say that they too live their lives out-loud. I tell all I have no secrets there is nothing I can't discuss or share with whomever whenever. I learn so much by sharing and listening. I do draw the line when it comes to stories about myself that involve persons who are fiercely private (many are). In such cases I cleverly cover for the private person by omitting some identifying details. I tell to entertain to teach and satisfy something in myself that I will not take the time now to pick apart. In the past I have felt badly somehow about sharing so much of myself or about myself. Thank-you Elizabeth Gilbert for helping me to give myself permission to live out loud and not think I had a problem.... I will read your book next. By the way my name is ianthe and I have a yearning to visit many "I" countries namely India, Ireland and Italy. Thanks again for sharing.

Sent by i chase | 2:09 PM | 12-20-2007

Eat, Pray, Love, Read, Talk, Drink, Make Out, Write

All in one night? It must be nice to be that young!

Sent by Harold | 3:14 PM | 12-20-2007

When your searching for "self" or possibly struggling with depression, reading a line like "Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend," might very well help you find him while digging out.

Sent by Nick | 6:44 AM | 7-5-2008

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