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Well, it's only natural that half of this network (blatant exaggeration) would go to Iowa and the weather would be sorta biblical. AND that our producers would have a late night fire alarm the first night they got there. But, that's how we roll, folks, when we're remote-a-fying for you all. In any case, today's the day we're broadcasting live from Des Moines, in anticipation of both an NPR hosted debate, and the caucuses in a month. We love going to the story, as I've mentioned before, and I really hope we get to hear from all of you Iowa voters out there, decided or un. (And does anyone know who caused the fire alarm in the Embassy Suites? TOTN producer Susan Lund would like to know.) So let us know what's on your mind as we continue this massive run-up to the '08 election, Iowans! And good luck with your weather.

*Blatantly stolen from Lee Siegel.



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I kind of understand "big media's" fascination with national poll figures. But in Iowa - while the numbers have jiggled a bit back and forth - it's been close to a dead heat between Edwards, Obama and Clinton. And in fact, when you calculate second choice preferences (which are important in caucus states like Iowa ), it looks as though John Edwards may be in the strongest position. Yet no one (other than his supporters) seems to point that out. What gives?

Sent by Don Wheeler (South Bend, IN) | 12:56 PM | 12-3-2007