Peter Bergen: Movie Critic

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For those of you who know the name Peter Bergen — well, you're probably an NPR nerd. If you don't, he's a top journalist of jihad. You probably remember his face — it seemed like he was always on CNN speaking words of wisdom to scared Americans during the early reverberations of September 11. In fact, if you were one of those people who pretended that they cared about Afghanistan before that time, chances are, you were quoting Peter Bergen. Well, now he's bringing his considerable talents to our air as a movie reviewer — he saw the movie made of Afghan-American writer Khaled Hosseini's 2003 novel, The Kite Runner, and he's here for color and critique. If you'd like to leave your own review, and you've seen the movie, do it here. (I haven't yet, but I'm still weepy over the book. It's a MUST-READ.)



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How does the film deal with the fact that the US backed Islamic fundamentalists before the Soviet invasion and in order to foment the Soviet invasion?

Sent by Michelle | 3:57 PM | 12-17-2007

I read the Kite runner and loved it but then I read "A thousand rising suns" by the same author and I loved it even more! I am looking forward to the Kite runner movie even though several scenes will no doubt be disturbing and upsetting....sometimes it's hard to forget it's fiction, especially since bad things happen in real life!

Sent by RK | 4:00 PM | 12-17-2007

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