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Predictions for 2008

Predictions for 2008

Listen to this 'Talk of the Nation' topic
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The Talk of the Nation Opinion Page today has morphed into the Conjecture Page. Joel Stein's op-ed in the LA Times was a time capsule of guesses... we're looking for yours (please, people, keep them as light as possible— this is meant to be fun) as well. I've got just one — I predict I will keep to all of my New Years resolutions until January 12th, at which point I'll oversleep and never recover (and yet keep paying that darn gym membership anyway). What're yours?



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I think it is interesting to look at two of the top stories and how they received airtime. Death rampages at Virginia Tech and in Pakistan both hit me as the biggest stories of 2007. In Virginia Tech, I know much more about the killer than the victims. In Pakistan, I know nothing about the killer, and have been able to focus on the victims. There are a lot of reasons probably for this, but I am left with a preference for hearing about those who lost their lives rather than those who caused such harm.

Sent by Erin Trujillo, Phoenix | 2:34 PM | 12-31-2007

I predict that people who truly choose peace will find it.

Sent by linda nadel | 2:46 PM | 12-31-2007

President-elect Dennis Kucinich will hint that he will, after being inaugurated, pardon Geo. W. Bush for all crimes foreign and domestic and beseech the American people to move on into a time of healing....and somewhere, Gerald Ford will smile......peace

Sent by Eric Richardson, Watertown, NY | 2:52 PM | 12-31-2007

As an aspiring screenwriter and an avid television watcher, my opinion on the writer's strike goes both ways. I predict that the writers will hold out until they get what they want, but if I have to watch one more episode of reality TV I will take up a new hobby of either staring at linoleum peel or going to Iowa to watch the canidates have cat fights.

Sent by Alden Kascak-Harth | 2:54 PM | 12-31-2007

I just want to know how he has been able to stay so intelligent, and
eloquent. Not to mention looking handsome.

Sent by Guity (geetee) from emerald hills, california | 3:15 PM | 12-31-2007

The "liberal leaning" New York Times will astound conservatives and liberals alike by appointing ultra-conservative Bill Kristol as an op-ed columnist. Wait...this prediction for 2008 is ridiculous...the appointment happened at the end of 2007.

Sent by Barry Yau | 9:43 AM | 1-1-2008

I will have my house paid-off in 2008.
Therefore, I predict the world will come to an end shortly thereafter (on a Thursday) BEFORE I can enjoy the extra cash every month.

Sent by Harold | 10:43 AM | 1-2-2008