Trademark Humor : Blog Of The Nation For a site known for its silliness, why is Fark trying to trademark NSFW?
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The folks over at Fark filed a trademark application for the acronym "NSFW." For the uninitiated, it means Not Safe For Work (read: nudity), and Fark is, well, Fark. This is somewhat akin to trademarking "LOL" or "FYI," and if you punch "trademark fark nsfw" into Google or Technorati you'll get some idea of just how ticked off some interwebbers are about this. But, while I understand that people are a bit edgy about all the recent exaggerated trademarking, I'm withholding judgment in hopes of a payoff punch line. Very little (nothing?) that Drew Curtis does online is to be taken seriously (his only response so far contains the line, "muhahaha"). So, rather than trademarking other four-letter words and hurling them at Fark, any ideas on what exactly they're really up to with this whole trademark thing?