What Do You Remember of 2007?

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The year's just about over. What do you remember most? Source: CraftyGoat hide caption

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Every newspaper, magazine, blogger, columnist, and radio show puts its own spin on the end of year wrap-ups... National Geographic listed their top 10 most popular stories on the website; Foreign Policy came up with a list of the 10 top stories you may have missed in 2007 (including what may be the start of true cyber-warfare), the Pew Research Center compiled all their data and put together a list of the top news interest stories of the year, and the Washington Post gathered the top quotes for '07 (though how "don't taze me, bro!" wasn't included is beyond me). NPR has it's most memorable moments. If you're reading this, you lived through 2007, or most of it anyway... what do YOU think are the top stories of the year?



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The disarry and undermining of the Dept. of Justice is my top story. This has been played throung many stories --the US attourney firings, Gonzales' resignation, political influence in cases brought in election law, the resignations and vacancies in many top career lawyer positions, the unwillingness of the new AG to label waterboarding as torture, the distruction of the CIA tapes, and the Jenna 6 case in LA .... I am sure there are many cases that I am - like Gonzales - unalble to recall.

Sent by Amber | 2:06 PM | 12-31-2007

"The cake is a lie!"

From the video game Portal by Valve Software. You soon find out that after completing all the puzzles for the grand prize, it turns out to be a lie.

Most current events are too depressing to dwell on, it's nice to have some humor. Also happens to be one of the greatest games released this year.

Sent by Andrew Alexander | 2:26 PM | 12-31-2007

The top story of the year is not a story but a reaction to a story. The reaction to the Paris Hilton story showed that more people my age, 15, are interested in Paris Hilton than global warming, or the torture videos.

Sent by Paul | 2:29 PM | 12-31-2007

I believe that the news is only important if it affects us in the long term. That is why the top stories of 2007 are Global Warming, the Presidential Election, and the Writer's Strike. They all will affect the world we live in for years to come.

Sent by Alden Kascak Harth | 2:33 PM | 12-31-2007

We lost a lot of really, really good people in 2007. I never met Molly Ivins, but, losing her was like losing a funny, smart friend, who always knew what I was thinking and had a knack for saying it perfectly. I used to read her syndicated columns the way I'd read a letter from a good friend - wait for some quiet time alone, pour a cup of strong coffee or tea and sit in a favorite chair to read. I miss her awfully.

Sent by Joyce Denn | 2:43 PM | 12-31-2007

My choice is the rise of the enormous wealth of the sovereign wealth funds. The aim of a small number of countries to begin purchase of large shares of British, French, Canadian and US companies could change the world economic scene.

Sent by Richard Teaford | 2:47 PM | 12-31-2007

If reference to those who died in 2007: My Dad Thomas McCann died at 82. He was our Greatest Generation soldier. I understand 1000 of these vets die every day & we owe them so much for the example they gave the whole world.

Sent by Jane Hicks | 2:48 PM | 12-31-2007

The biggest missed story of the year is the near unanimous passage by the US House of Representatives of HR1955, which seeks to criminalize protest, dissent, and beliefs.

Sent by Michael | 2:49 PM | 12-31-2007

One newscaster who is willing to confront this administration on the war in Iraq and other unconstitutional acts is Keith Olberman on MSNBC. I have stopped watching the Lerher show and replaced it with Countdown with Keith Olberman who is not afraid to attack the wrongs and misinformation in this administration. I also love Dan Shore especially on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

Sent by Joy Evans | 3:30 PM | 12-31-2007

The strong negative response Americans had to the proposed comprehensive immigration bill.

The President, Congress, the Chamber of Commerce, and the main stream media seemed to favor it and were shocked by the uproar at the local, WalMart shopper level.

Nothing pointed out the disconnect between those in power and the grassroots.

Sent by Ed | 3:50 PM | 12-31-2007

RE: Obits Remembered - During the Vietnam War, Ngo Quang Truong was considered one of the most honest and capable generals of the South Vietnamese Army. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf stated that Gen. Truong was "the most brilliant tactical commander I'd ever known. Truong showed an uncanny abilty to predict what they (the North Vietnamese army) were going to do. Gen. Creighton Abrams expressed that he felt that Gen. Troung was capable of commanding an American division during the war. He was small in stature but great in courage, knowledge, dignity, and compassion. Lt. Gen. John H. Cushman stated, "He was always imaginative and always looked for ways to improve (his troops') living conditions and family life".

After the war, Gen. Troung moved to Virginia and wrote military history books. He became a United Stated citizen in 1983 and worked as a computer analyst until he retired in 1994.

Gen. Troung died at the age of 77, from lung cancer, on January 22, 2007. I had the honor to know him and his family. He was one of a kind and is greatly missed.

Sent by Susan McLane Maxwell | 6:32 PM | 12-31-2007

THE real biggest ignored story of
2007 was the proven far deeper advancement in mathematics beyond
calculus and algebra overlooked by
the Congressional Science math and
science bills. THE undetectable
mathematical cyber hackers on very sensitive atomic and space data is
the most barried issue of 2007.

Sent by jerry a. Myers | 11:57 PM | 1-2-2008

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