NPR logo What Do You Think About Our Mormon Coverage?

What Do You Think About Our Mormon Coverage?

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Source: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

So... I was halfway through a monster post about religion, when I realized, I need something from you. Yes, you! TOTN listeners! Today, we're talking to NPR correspondent Howard Berkes about your reactions to the coverage of Mormonism and Romney on NPR. We got a ton of mail and comments yesterday from Mormons and non-Mormons alike about how they perceive the much-talked-about religion. Following Mitt Romney's speech on faith today, we're going to take your questions and comments about how we — and the media en masse — have covered this religion. So, if you can, send us your blog comments ahead of time — let us know what you'd like to hear, and we'll ask Howard on the air in a couple of hours.