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Last week Merriam-Webster revealed their 2007 Word of the Year. Drum roll, please: w00t, as in "Woot! Woot!" Not as good as last year's "truthiness" courtesy of one Mr. Stephen Colbert, but still laudable for its onomatopoetic essence. A substitute for "yay!" "cool," and "awesome," w00t has its origins in l33t-speak ("leet," or "elite"), an Internet-based language that substitutes numbers for vowels. Other contenders for the coveted one-spot: "sardoodledom," "quixotic," and "Pecksniffian." Saucy. So what, you ask, are my personal words of the year? "Sufficient," as in "Do you have sufficient pictures of me?" and "sexy," as in "I am."* Other words being primed for '08: "disarming," as in "My beauty is" and "besmirched," just 'cuz I like how it sounds. Tell us, what is your word of the year?

* A narcissist's grab bag of goodies



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If you are going to replace vowels with numbers (and words with icons), why not go the extra mile, bring back hieroglyphics!

Your trying to be c00l, by being different. You look Stupid (because you are hard to understand). Shrt hnd! 4 th lz? i Dnt thnk so! U jst dont no any better! Whydontyoujustrunyourwordstogetherlikeasmallchild!

I wish the Internet WERE only a fad!

Sent by Harold | 2:14 PM | 12-18-2007