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Another Issue to Tear the Country Apart

Another Issue to Tear the Country Apart

Listen to this 'Talk of the Nation' topic

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Who's your favorite team? Source: rdesai hide caption

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There are few issues as polarizing at the college football ranking system. I believe seriously that it may regularly bring grown men to tears. It's nothing like the easy bracketeering of the Final Four in college basketball. My boyfriend is a Kansas fan (their football team, FYI, hasn't done this well since 1899!!), and I often hear him screeching about it. (It's not "strength of schedule" for all of you KU unbelievers.) Well, this age-old sports radio debate is migrating to TOTN today... and we'd love to have you weigh in, but please — keep it civil. (And listen for college football tabula rasa Ashley Grashaw at the beginning...)



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When Romney used compare contrast ads on the issues, the media called it negative campaigning. The debates allow only surface responses without time to explain the "how to" or the costs of an idea. As a 70 year old, I find it increasingly difficult to know the truth. Voting by emotion or pettiness is bad for our nation! The more powerful the machinery of campaigning becomes with media hype and forecasting, the less power for the people.

Sent by Norma Parker | 2:41 PM | 1-7-2008

I have a playoff schedule already made up, but it won't fit here. I'll E-Mail it as an attachment if you give me a good address

Sent by Gilbert S. Landell IV | 3:08 PM | 1-7-2008

Why do we need to "crown" a champion? Lets go back to the various bowls and let you sports "news" people like you fight it out in the press. Leave the rest of us alone....... But we all know its all about the money. If the few elite universities didn't make more money, it wouldn't happen.

Sent by steve wolf | 3:14 PM | 1-7-2008

Lets have a tournament, like basketball, for the top 64 teams by ranking (with some teams added by coaches/sportswriters) and let the best team win. Maybe we can do the Presidential race this way also.

Sent by George from Oregon | 3:20 PM | 1-7-2008

Controversy, stirring the pot, and making people upset. There is no better way to energize the fans. Would anybody care if the rankings were exactly what you expected? No, you care because the ranking are "so messed up".

Sent by Harold | 4:42 PM | 1-7-2008

I was appalled at the substitute host's (Mike?) and guest's (Dave?) treatment of the woman who represented those ignorant of the BCS. They were condescending and overly punitive toward her when she asked questions about the BCS, which was what she was brought in to do. Mike and Dave sounded like fraternity brothers in their interaction with this woman. Was this really Talk of the Nation? Now, I know that they (and perhaps, other listeners) will tell me to relax, it was just a joke. I know it was, but please don't excuse sophomoric behavior with poor attempts at humor. I sincerely ask your host and guest to bring whatever dignity they have left to offer an apology to this woman for their poor behavior.

Sent by Billy | 4:50 PM | 1-7-2008

I believe a 16-team playoff would be great for college football. While the benefit of having a playoff outweighs any potential diminishment of the regular season (an appeal to fear), the fact is every game would still be important because teams would always be playing for the highest seed (and thus home field advantage), and ANY loss would almost certainly result in a lower seed. In fact, many regular season games would take on MORE importance for "bubble" teams competing for at-large bids.

It is a great shame that the powers-that-be are so provincial on this one.

Sent by Tom | 8:53 PM | 1-7-2008

I would like to echo Billy's comment above. I was appalled by the way this segment was set up. It oozed with condescending remarks. There are so many ways that this topic could have been framed to be educational to the "lay audience," as I understand is often your goal. Why on earth did you choose this one? (And did I really hear him jeer at the token ignorant female "What, what's a game?" "What, coaches?" and even "I mean, we could do some English classes after this too if you'd like."

I am a regular listener of Talk of the Nation podcasts and this segment was really disappointing. I hope such deplorable rhetoric does not appear again on this program - there's plenty of other places to find it if I wanted to listen to sexist, offensive banter.

Sent by Janelle Ward | 9:24 AM | 1-17-2008