Geeks in the Desert (Wish I could be there) : Blog Of The Nation Tech is the new black, and if it's coming soon it's happening this week in Las Vegas.
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Geeks in the Desert (Wish I could be there)

I haven't been able to convince the rest of the crew here to do a show on the Consumer Electronics Show this week (so far, anyway). It's the annual orgy of gadgets and electronica that brings more than a hundred thousand people to Las Vegas for a little "gee whiz" time. It's a tough show to talk about without actually being there (hint to my own bosses for 2009), but talk of incredibly thin TVs, cars that drive themselves, dancing speakers, wireless everywhere, and of course HD everything is worth the price of admission. The consensus again this year is that we're seeing more evolution that revolution, with gadgets getting more powerful, more refined, and smaller, but not necessarily doing novel new things. If you're a gadget-head, here's some of the better coverage of this year's show:

So, what is CES?
Flat-screens are bigger and better
And TVs get bigger and bigger
Gadgets go green
Blow-by-blow product releases
And, my personal favorite news source.