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January 16th Show

Hi everyone! I'm Gwen today, and will continue to be, on and off, 'til the end of January. Of course, no one can actually be Gwen, but I'm as close as you're gonna get for a while. So smile pretty and eat your broccoli.

First up, politics with Political Junkie Ken Rudin. There's plenty to talk about now that the actual election season is underway, including last night's results in Michigan and a look ahead to the Nevada caucus and South Carolina primaries. Plus we've got former democratic candidate for president Governor Bill Richardson on to talk about bowing out of the race and what's next for him. Following that, scary news on the drug-resistant bacteria front. MRSA's been making headlines for a while now, and there's a new strain of bacteria that's even more resistant to antibiotics, and primarily infecting gay and bisexual men. We're bringing you Joe Neel, our Health Editor, to answer all your questions about MRSA and this new bacteria.

In the second hour, an update on the so-called war on drugs. Here's a spoiler: according to Rolling Stone's Ben Wallace-Wells*, the bad guys are winning. Finally, we'll wrap the day with an expose of 21st century corporate espionage: Spy vs. Spy. Ex-CIA agents are being snapped up by high-profile companies to dig into their own dirty laundry, and spy on competitors. How far is too far?

*Reminds me of another Rolling Stone luminary, the similarly-monikered Ben Fong-Torres. I was wondering what he's up to, and if you are too, here's an update!