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Sexy Black-Footed Ferrets

Yep, that's right folks. "Sexy" and "ferret" in the same sentence. Romance novelists look all sorts of places for inspiration and content; and, turns out, scandal isn't always confined to its steamy pages. In her book Shadow Bear, best-selling romance writer Cassie Edwards allegedly plagiarized the work of nature writer Paul Tolme. He wrote about the endangered black-footed ferret. She writes about quivering membranes and heaving bosoms. It was a union destined to happen, and happen it did: his ferrets were fodder for post-coital musings between the novel's hero and heroine, "hunky American Indian" Shadow Bear and "lusty pioneer woman" Shiona Bramlett. Today we talk to Paul about the fallout from the scandal; and, of course, how to help those struggling ferrets.

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