The Little Uniforms Look So Cute and Sharp!

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Got TV envy?

Got TV envy? Source: Matt Stratton hide caption

itoggle caption Source: Matt Stratton

I just got a new television — a post-holiday, pre-March-Madness, I- worked- Christmas- and- New-Years- and- feel- sorry- for- myself, present. It's the biggest TV I've ever owned — thirty-two inches of LCD deliciousness. It meets with my interior designer's approval, it's great for my favorite old movies (black and white looks awesome), and sports look amazing in HD. I can honestly say, it's the first time in my life I would not be embarrassed to have friends over to watch the big game (though I haven't got a lot of cash left over for the nachos). Which brings me to my next point: 'tis the season for wanting a better, sharper, cooler TV, as the Patriots (insert cheer/and or curse here) and the Giants (ditto) march to Superbowl LVII. It's also Rob Manker's point — we've got him on today, talking about TV envy. Have you got it? Are you a plasma/LCD/widescreen coveter?



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It's the great epiphany, almost an apolcolypse. A great change of entertainment we call "Plasma." In high school it was one of those things in chemistry class you cringed as you found it on the test. Now the toughest test that involves the word is choosing among the wall of other name brand television sets.

TV, HD, CD, DVD. With so many names to choose from, one almost expects to seek out the most evolved level of visual clarity by the newest title. With the writer's strike in full swing, beware! The technology of TV may not evolve in name. Only in size.

Either way, the rest of us are jealous.

Sent by Wendy, UT | 3:59 PM | 1-29-2008

Rich is correct. Front projection is the way to go!

We bought a 94" HD LCD projector system for about the same price that we could have bought a 46" flat screen LCD.

Of course, your viewing room does need to have enough room so that you are not too close to the screen, and so that the projection can fill the screen.

Sent by Mike | 4:00 PM | 1-29-2008