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Bagging the Oscars

When we started Blog of the Nation, we spent a little time talking about our blogroll (which, it occurs to me, should probably be updated, as it doesn't include more of my faves — Jezebel, etc.). First on my list — David Carr's Carpetbagger blog for the New York Times. It was the first — and is still the best — of the NYT blogs. The Bagger, as the delightful Carr calls himself, gives the Gray Lady much needed highlights (yes, oh yes, I did make that dumb analogy). There may be no one writing on the web with better informal style — and lots of formal substance — which is hard to do for a seasonal blog. This awards season has been sort of a bummer — no Golden Globes ceremony, a sort of sad sack SAG awards dressed up real fancy, and general Hollywood glumitude — but the Bagger has made it worthwhile. As a special "Sorry-about-the-sucky-award-season" treat, we're giving you the Bagger — all spicy and grumpy and funny and fun. Talk amongst yourselves, and watch a favorite Bagger video of ours, above.