A Backdoor Bombing

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In "A Strike in the Dark," Seymour Hersh, a staff writer for The New Yorker, reports on a secret bombing mission conducted by the Israeli Air Force in Syria. Since the attack, the Israeli government hasn't said much. And Syria hasn't either.

Although initial press reports indicated that Israel had attacked a secret nuclear site with materials from North Korea, many experts in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States say that can't be true. If there was no nuclear site there, the bombing is even more curious. Why would Israel fly into Syrian air space? What did they attack? And why was there no retaliation?

Seymour Hersh joins us in the second hour to talk about his new article, and to take your calls. What questions do you have about the attacks?



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Which candidate does Hersh feel would be most likely to change the U.S. complicity with war crimes committed by Israel? and
Does Seymour Hersh feel the media was fair to John Edwards or Dennis Kucinich's campaigns? The reason I ask is, it seems to me that before Edwards 'suspended' his campaign, the coverage was lopsided by at least 10 to one among 3 relatively evenly ranked candidates. And now, for instance, NPR is doing NOTHING to counter the propaganda regarding New Jersey's balloting--a lot of people are independent there, still and are being wrongly told they cannot vote for John Edwards tomorrow.

Sent by Lisa Barr | 3:10 PM | 2-4-2008

Why did our administration, as they repeatedly do, once again, sanction a preemptive strike by Israel? Why is it that our press embrace, through not talking about, our support of a nation that continually terrorizes its neighbors? This is not about defense. Israel simply strikes terror into those around it, including those who want a free independent Palestinian state.

Sent by Thomas | 3:47 PM | 2-4-2008

There needs to be some serious coverage of Israel's nuclear program. They continue to persecute John Crossman (Mordachi Vannunu), do not allow any inspectors (even US) and there is growing evidence that the aging Damona reactor is beginning to leak.

Sent by Catherine Deyo | 3:59 PM | 2-4-2008

I'm so glad to finally have Seymour Hersh's take on the Syrian strike of last fall. I happened to be in Syria when the strike took place. I promised the fearful people I met (who totally denied anything nuclear, not surprisingly) that I would speak up for them when I got back. I don't have the pulpit Hersh has; I'm glad he can speak for them and for me, and glad NPR helps pass the word.

Sent by Ann Chamberlin | 4:06 PM | 2-4-2008

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