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Diablo Cody.

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I don't believe that there's only one successful ex-stripper in Hollywood — but I do believe that out of all of them, Diablo Cody may be the coolest. And the smartest. Here are a few reasons to hate her — she's 29, and her screenplay for the darling little film Juno is up for an Oscar. Ah, but check out the reasons to love and admire her: she's a former stripper, author, and blogger (hey! I'm one of those! Blogger that is.). I want to say right here that I would love to link to her blog, but I think that its title wouldn't be welcome here on NPR's servers, so I'll just tell you to type "Diablo Cody," and "blog" into Google, and enjoy. Anyway, today we'll be talking to Diablo about her careers (all of them), her writing, and of course, her name. (She was born Brook Busey, which also ain't bad on the hip scale).



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As an adoptive parent in an open relationship with our son's birth parents, I laughed and cried at Jennifer Garner's obsessive desire to be a "perfect" parent.

But one of the criticisms I keep hearing about the movie in the adoption world is that placing the baby looked too easy, without consequences for Juno.

What's Ms. Cody's response to that?

Sent by Rachel | 2:29 PM | 2-5-2008

Why was birth control never discussed in the movie? You had a great opportunity and you let it pass.

Sent by Janet Fagan | 2:45 PM | 2-5-2008

This (birth control) question is obviously from an adult who is not very familiar with teenagers. TEENAGERS. Also, the movie is a story about a young woman, yadayadayada, not a bully pulpit about being responsible. Which I am all for, as I am the mom of 2 teen girls as well as a high school teacher. But don't try to figure them out, or expect rational behavior, it will only give you a migraine.
Loved the movie, thanks Diablo.

Sent by Lisa Bernstein | 3:20 PM | 2-5-2008

I would like to write directly to Ms. Cody. I haven't seen Juno yet but I hear it's great! I heard her interview on NPR yesterday and I wanted to write to her about something in regard to teen pregnancy's. Thanks, Melanie Brocato

Sent by Melanie Brocato | 10:08 AM | 2-6-2008

When I saw Juno I was the oldest person in the theater by about a decade and I'm only 30. While some of the humor made me uncomfortable I loved walking out of the theater with all those teenagers knowing that everyone of those kids saw got a lesson about adoption as an option for teens who get pregnant, in a way they can process and accept. Much of my family was built through adoption and I'm so grateful to Diablo for writing this story for teens, and being one of the few voices to discuss the only option that unites people rather than divides them.

Sent by Stephanie Hale | 9:39 AM | 2-8-2008

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