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In Lieu Of Focus...

I've volunteered to write a post for the blog, and have found, that while several news-ish items caught my eye, they are either 1) Too dirty for NPR, 2) Too light to extend into a blog post, or 3) a merely visual joke. So, instead of focusing on one thing, I'm just going to list the things that are catching my interest. It's Barrie's round-up! It's the Talk of Barrie's Nation! TOBN!!

1) The literally always-interesting Jezebel (if you're not reading it, you're missing out on a thousand interesting conversations you could be having with your girl (and boy, I suppose) friends) has a really nice post by Moe Tkacik about... yes, it's about Britney. It points to a new Rolling Stone cover story about the songstress (look! I just snapped up an Us Weekly word!), and makes a nice point about our consumption of these stories.

2) This is a great painting of Homer Simpson. I stole this from my most-fair-one.

3) Slate's "TV Club" posts on The Wire are blowing my mind and simultaneously filling me with rage. The Wire — which kills me softly with every shot of dreadful and beautiful Baltimore (and then kills its characters hard) — is worth every bit of over-intellectualizing Slate puts it through. Yet still I am slightly embarrassed to have devoured this feature so darn quick.

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4) New York Magazine's John Heilemann essay on media coverage of Senators Obama and Clinton is definitely worth a read — and I am so sick of political coverage that it must be good.

5) Check this out (below).I'm going to make one of these handy-dandy little clocks! Totally ingenious!

International Clock

That's it. Send in your own reading list, and I'll be grateful. Especially if it has nothing to do with superdelegates.