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A recreation area in Camp 4.

A recreation area in Camp 4. Source: Louie Palu hide caption

toggle caption Source: Louie Palu

Last October, photographer Louie Palu boarded a plane for Cuba, to document the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. His images, of feeding tubes, razor-wire fences, cells, classrooms, and recreation areas, appeared in the January issue of The Atlantic.

When we first spoke, I asked Palu how many photographers have traveled to Guantanamo Bay. (I didn't, and I still don't, feel like we've seen many pictures from there). Several, he said, although most of them work for wire services; thus many of the same images appear in newspapers, magazines, and online.

You can find a slide show of photographs from Palu's portfolio here. What do you think of the pictures? What did you think the detention facility would look like?



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anyone else think it sounds like we're trying to be reassured about guantanamo?

Sent by karla | 2:57 PM | 2-12-2008

Since BEFORE the second invasion of Afg. and Iraq I did not think journalists could be so niave in content and tone as "Inside Guantnamo"

Sent by (Rev.) friar Francis Matthews, Esq.OFM | 2:59 PM | 2-12-2008

I could have sworn that I heard the interviewee state that he could not photograph certain things, like images that show distance to water, layout of the camps, etc. But it appears that DOD is not ding a great job preventing this kind of info from getting out - maybe. Go to google maps and enter camp delta, cuba and you get pretty good overhead imagery of the area, including camp layout, distances to water and cover, etc. Unless this is planted misinformation.

Sent by Bill Jacobs | 3:09 PM | 2-12-2008

On a trip to Cuba 3 years ago with a small group that was delivering medical and education supplies, one day we were driven in a bus, up through miles of dry, barren hills. It stopped on the edge of the tallest mountain overlooking Guantanamo Bay. As we got off the bus we were greeted by waiters bearing trays of rum and coca-cola. Just in front of the bus was a fancy little gazebo painted white, with a large telescope mounted in the center, pointed down at the prison. When everybody had finished looking at it, the waiters led us around some big boulders to a large outdoor dining area under a sun roof, tables set for all of us and a half-dozen formally dressed waiters standing by. We ate a delicious three-course lunch, and when we were done, were bussed back down the mountains to Guantanamo city.

Sent by Neva Beach | 3:16 PM | 2-12-2008

What about migraine triggers? for instance if I eat berries I get a migraine that lasts for 8-10 hours.

Sent by Bryan Bax | 3:17 PM | 2-12-2008

migraines, i think if you have not experienced a migraine it is hard to understand how this experience controls your life. I am a working mom with 3 teenagers(2 who play the electric guitar!), I am afraid one of the main things they may remember about me is that "she always has a headache". I see a specialist and have become much better at treating quickly and not denying that this is actually a migraine. I also found journaling helped me identify some triggers. I feel like my senses are all dialed up to maximum when I have a headache. Perfume actually makes me angry! why do we have to be a nation where everyone has a signature scent, that is one of the main things that triggers an attack for me, I actually run from those people in dept. stores that hand out cards with perfume samples on them. Migraines can be paralyzing, you hesitate to committ yourself to anything because you know how quickly you can become unable to perform. Thanks for the show!

Sent by michelle campanis | 3:30 PM | 2-12-2008

M S G triggers migraines for me. I was years finding this out. Before this discovery, I would be so sick that crawing up in a ball, with my head packed in ice, in a dark room up to 18 hours was all I could do. No M S G no migraines for the last ten years.

Sent by Jeannette Fisler | 7:53 PM | 2-12-2008

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