Romney: The End

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It's been a big week for politics already, and now we get news that Gov. Mitt Romney is dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination for president ("suspending" is the term he used, as did Sen. John Edwards last week, but the effect is the same). Now, it's a two-person race on the Republican side, with Gov. Mike Huckabee winning over many evangelicals, and Sen. John McCain doing well with moderates and independents but working hard to win over party conservatives. Where does this leave the remaining candidates? How does this affect Republican voters? Why did he drop out now? And what does it mean for the Democrats? If you're a Republican voter, let us know what you think.



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Does Romney have the ability to give his delegates to another candidate?

Sent by Jason | 2:44 PM | 2-7-2008

Huckabee was Anti-Mormon before this race and McCain is hated by Conservatives. That leaves Paul. Let's not forget Paul. The last real Conservative running.

Sent by David Summerly | 2:45 PM | 2-7-2008

I think that Huckabee stayed in the race to thwart a true conservative candidate with credentials to lead. My 20 year old daughter and I talked yesterday and decided that if McCain was the GOP candidate, we would vote for Obama.

Sent by Stephen Purdy | 2:47 PM | 2-7-2008

I'm LDS (a Mormon) and I've always been embarrassed by Mitt Romney's candidacy. The beginning of one of our articles of faith is "We believe in being honest . . ." I think Romney was, at best, disingenuous in his political positions. He was whoever his perceived voters wanted him to be.

Sent by Diana Dial Reynolds | 2:49 PM | 2-7-2008

I think the answer to your trivia question was Mitt Romney's dad, George Romney

Sent by Cathy | 2:51 PM | 2-7-2008

I'm replying to the Republican caller who accused the Democrats of voting on gender or race, as opposed to the issues. Perhaps this is the fault of the media for stressing the two so much. However, the two candidates are so close on the issues that it becomes a matter of who can be the best person to bring this country together. I think terrorism is our main concern at the moment, and I truly believe that Obama would be the best candidate to work with other nations in reestablishing our place of respect in the world.

Sent by Ruth Potter | 3:00 PM | 2-7-2008

What is the support for the statement that "suspend" has the same effect as "withdraw"? Like john Edwards (and Clinton & Obama for that matter), I am an attorney. In my line of work as in politics word choice is not arbitrary. The Caucus blog on the nyt suggested that there is a difference (but without citing any rules). Sources, please.

Sent by Helen pope | 3:01 PM | 2-7-2008

I won't vote for Huckabee or any ticket with Huckabee on it. If Romney was disingenuous then Huckabee has been apparent in his candidacy as running as a baptist pastor and never reining in any anti-Mormon comments from his fellow evangelicals (and even Huckabee indulging in this).

Sent by Steve | 3:16 PM | 2-7-2008

What a load of hogwash out of Romney's mouth today: I don't want to aid the terrorists anymore by staying in the race and making it easier for either Clinton or Obama to win, so I am suspending my campaign. Total BS. The foreign policy that this country has pursued over the last 6 years has done more to aid the terrorists than anything else. It will take Clinton or Obama to TRY and clean up this mess.

Sent by Delmar Childs | 3:31 PM | 2-7-2008

When all is said and done do not be surprised to find Romney back on the Republican ticket as the Veep nomination. Such a move would bring the diverse elements of the Party together and serve to show the nation the all-encompassing scope of the Republican Party is the strength of the Party. To have a hawk like Romney one heart beat away from the Presidency is a thought that will prove very intriguing and important to those Republicans torn between the ideologies of these two conservatives.

Sent by George Edward Buggs | 3:33 PM | 2-7-2008

I am a McCain Republican. I have identified myself as such since the 2000 elections. I do not always agree with Senator McCain, but I admire his ability to reach out across the party lines. Having a multiple party system is what makes this country great. We need somebody in the Whitehouse who can get both sides of the aisle to work together and actually get something done! Icould have voted for Romney if that was the choice in the end, but I could not vote for Huckabee.

Sent by Barbara in Albion, MI | 4:16 PM | 2-7-2008

If it is true that Romney spent $35 million of his own money on his campaign, doesn't it trouble anyone that someone would spend that kind of money to try to secure a job which pays what, a quarter million a year? What kind of enrichment must a person feel is potentially there if he's willing to invest that kind of personal wealth? What are we missing? Is the job even more prone to abuse than Mr.s Chaney & Bush have made it seem?

Sent by Scott Guffey | 4:56 PM | 2-7-2008

I heard some other conservative listeners state they would vote for a democrat before they would vote for McCain. I would just like to ask, "Are you people crazy?" You have been blessed with John McCain who has given the the conservatives their ONLY chance of retaining the White House. If you think this is trivial, you better think again. Think of all the policies over-ruled or ingrained by the Supreme Court; the next president will appoint up to three Supreme Court justices, not to mention all the lower court judges. You think shooting all of our conservative values in the proverbial foot will show "them"? You don't realize just how far to the left things will move if John McCain is not elected. Think what a democrat congress with a democrat president will place into law; national health care? Much higher taxes, no military leadership (think Carter)? Be careful, spite will come back to haunt you. If you don't like the nominee, get out and work to find a replacement; support them. Don't cut off your nose. . .

Sent by Lee Stone | 5:47 PM | 2-7-2008

It's a 3-man race now, not a 2-man race. Ron Paul still has ample financing and support. Many Romney people will throw their support behind him. Ron Paul has a message that resonated with many who want to hear the truth.

Sent by kerthialfad | 8:44 AM | 2-8-2008

The caller who said Clinton and Obama supporters weren't basing their decision on the candidate's policies, only gender and race, made me laugh out loud. He said he supported Mitt Romney for his staunch positions. Obviously this gentleman hasn't looked too deeply into Mr. Romney's past positions. Mitt Romney is the classic chameleon. Running for governor in a blue state, he espoused liberal policies. Running for president in a conservative party, he is suddenly a born again (sorry Mitt) conservative who was trying to out-conservative the conservatives. For those Republicans who labeled John Kerry as a "flip-flopper" in 2004, all I can say is memory is obviously fleeting and doing/saying anything to win is bipartisan.

Sent by jkb | 10:02 AM | 2-8-2008

Yea, Ron Paul has no plans of dropping out of the race, he's outlasted the 8 candidates who have already dropped out. The media has no plans of telling you any of this and there is a reason for that. Start thinking with your own head, and stop letting someone else think for you. Time to wake up and smell the fascism. Wake up America, now is the time to act! We must end endless elite profiting wars against invisible enemies that can never die. Talk about a stimulus plan, we're spending over 1 trillion per year managing our empire OVERSEAS! Imagine what just a fraction of that could do HERE where you and I work and pay taxes. ronpaul2008(dot)com

Sent by Some Guy | 11:19 PM | 2-9-2008

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