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#42, #40, #69, and #60 on Christian Lander's list. Source: iStockPhoto; Scott Barbour, Scott Gries/Getty Images; Toyota/Getty hide caption

toggle caption Source: iStockPhoto; Scott Barbour, Scott Gries/Getty Images; Toyota/Getty

In the last two months, nearly 4 million people have visited Christian Lander's blog, Stuff White People Like. If you haven't visited the site, do it. You may enjoy "#44 Public Radio." (We did).

White people love staions [sic] like NPR (which is equivalent to listening to cardboard), and they love shows like This American Life and Democracy Now. This confuses immigrants from the third world. The see the need for radio as a source for sports, top 40 radio and traffic reports but they don't quite understand why people who can afford TVs and have access to Youtube, would spend hours listening to the opinions of overeducated arts majors.

According to Lander, his blog "is a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like. They are pretty predictable." Here are a few more:

"#75 Threatening to Move to Canada"

"#62 Knowing what's best for poor people"

"#60 Toyota Prius"

Gregory Rodriguez, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, doesn't just laugh at the site, he deconstructs it: "Lander is gently making fun of the many progressive, educated, upper-middle-class whites who think they are beyond ethnicity or collectively shared tastes, styles or outlook. He's essentially reminding them that they too are part of a group."

What do you think of it? Are you a regular reader? Do you disagree with what he's written? Do you have recommendations for other stuff he could add?



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There is nothing like pointing out the obvious. However the conclusions you can draw from reading this blog are useless. This blog is clearly not about white people, it is about Americans who are not poor. It just so happens that the majority of Americans who are not poor are white people, just as the majority of Americans are white people. What follows are the stereotypes of the blog. What is disturbing about this is its acceptability, that it is okay to poke fun at white people apparently even on/in the serious media outlets, such as discussing this on NPR. Yet you cannot make fun of minorities in the same fashion. Just as whenever I have send an email to NPR and others about the bigotry of minorities, to show that every ones hands are dirty, it is never read. Yes minorities are just as racist as white people, which is evident in all the political polls and the votes being cast in primaries.

Sent by Scott | 3:39 PM | 2-26-2008

This is hilarious. What I also think is both funny and true is that white people like to blog...

Sent by Erin T. | 3:50 PM | 2-26-2008

white people like BLOGS. that should be on your blog

Sent by kari | 3:51 PM | 2-26-2008

I'm a brown person (a Young Urban Muslim Intellectual or YUMI to be exact!) who sees herself hilariously reflected in Mr. Lander's 'Stuff White People Like' blog, especially in the following "white" behavior detailed in the LA Times:

'Recycling, expensive sandwiches, standing still at concerts, Toyota Priuses, natural medicine, irony, public radio, breakfast places, vegetarianism, organic foods and being an expert on ethnic cultures are just a few.'

Maybe we are all a bit more alike than we think! :)

Love the blog - thanks!

Sent by Ayesha | 3:51 PM | 2-26-2008

Does being a Mac user count?

Sent by Glen Garcia | 3:52 PM | 2-26-2008

You cant forget the socks with Tevas in the summer!

Sent by Peter McDermott | 3:53 PM | 2-26-2008

Parachuting. Being passionate about parachuting.

Sent by John | 3:54 PM | 2-26-2008

moving to Las Vegas...seriously

Sent by bryan | 3:54 PM | 2-26-2008

what if you are black, love npr, live at starbucks and my kids see the sun and break out the shorts!!!!

Sent by angie | 3:54 PM | 2-26-2008

This is so funny and very telling. I'm African American, and many of my interests are on this list. Am I a white girl trapped in a black girl's body? Oh, and I have a white girl's name!

Sent by Shelly | 3:55 PM | 2-26-2008

Listening to the one comment about NASCAR being a "white trash" type of activity, it sounds as though you could almost take the list and compare it to affluent (all races) and there might be a close correlation. This is true considering the caller that just called from Ohio.

Conversely, there may be an inverse correlation to the interests of financially challenged??

Sent by John | 3:57 PM | 2-26-2008

I think it's funny that the blogger mentioned an upcoming post about self importance being "white". In fact I think the whole blog itself is a testament to this.

I found the interview interesting in the fact that it is another example of the resurgence of white pride. Not in the neo-nazi way, but in a way that may ultimately be just as dangerous intellectually because it seems so benign on the surface.

As a person of mixed racial heritage, I find this whole phenomena interesting as well as a little scary.

Sent by Tarah | 4:04 PM | 2-26-2008

It brings to mind the old Lenny Bruce routine: "Dig. I'm Jewish. Count Basie is Jewish. Ray Charles is Jewish. Eddie Cantor's goyish. B'nai B'rith is goyish. Hadassah, Jewish. If you live in New York or any other big city, you are Jewish, It doesn't even matter even if you're a Catholic...If you live in Butte, Montana, you're going to be goyish even if you're Jewish..."

The state of West Virginia, although it's in the South, is one of the whitest states in the union with a population that's 94.9 percent white and only 3.3 black (Connecticut, by comparison, is only 84.6 percent white, 10.2 percent black, and 3.4 percent Asian).

Gregory Rodriguez is Latino but he's still white. So with Gregory, it's a case of the pot maligning the kettle! White Cuban jazz musicians like Paquito D'Rivera and Arturo Sandoval "defect" from their homeland (and may even have Andy Garcia play them in a patriotic biopic like "For Love or Country)" while Afro-Cuban jazz musicians like Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Chucho Valdes may actually maintain a home in Cuba while they tour the US and abroad.

I disagree with one of the tenets of multiculturalism which holds that if you scratch any American, there's an ethnic underneath. Speaking for myself, I have so many different ethnic roots, my looks indicate one thing, my name indicates another, and my interests travel in a direction completely independent of what they're "supposed" to.

Sent by Mike | 4:06 PM | 2-26-2008

Apparently, I'm not quite white enough, since I wasn't listening to today's program. But, I did get a series of emails about the topic, since I wrote about "Stuff White People Like" early last week ( Since then, it was the "Blog of the Week" in the San Francisco Chronicle and now on TotN. One thing is for sure: white people love having their interests chronicled for them. If it comes with good natured mockery, even better!

Sent by Dean Rader | 4:08 PM | 2-26-2008


You're not alone... I've been called the "Whitest Black person on the planet" more times than I can count...

Sent by wraith808 | 4:12 PM | 2-26-2008

My husband has a blog along these lines:

We are never at a loss for updates to his post.

Sent by Jen Greenwood | 4:20 PM | 2-26-2008

The blog is very funny. It is part of my daily must-reads.
I think the funniest part is the way Lander addresses the immigrants to USA, as if to give them advice on how to mingle and settle in America :))

Most things pointed out are true for rich/affluent/upper middle class Americans regardless of the race.

I dont read too much into it (or try to conculde anything of it)... It is just a good laugh.

Sent by Sonia | 4:31 PM | 2-26-2008

It's a funny blog, but reading it all in one sitting leaves an aftertaste. It seems like the themes here are brains = sissy white stuff
books = sissy white stuff
culture = sissy white stuff
caring about, well, anything = sissy white stuff
It also seems to say white people only do selfless acts to "feel good about themselves" and apparently have no altruistic motives for anything.
That being said, I recommend it in small doses for the laughs.

Sent by Frank R. | 4:43 PM | 2-26-2008

Some people like to throw pies, eggs, cabbage and tomatoes at people on

Sent by Chris Toney | 4:48 PM | 2-26-2008

Don't have time to search the blog. Is "making fun of white people" on the list? Because it seems to me that there's nothing new about this. See "Radical Chic" for instance.

Sent by janet | 5:27 PM | 2-26-2008

It's a funny blog, but I hope people who read it don't take the it too seriously... Human beings are inclined to categorize other people in order to process what they see every day, and to make sense of it all. And it's not always rational. Having said that, we should all remind ourselves once in a while that each of us is an individual with unique life experiences and beliefs. It's impossible to fit a person into a race category and expect the person to be exactly like the others inside of the category. I'm sure most of the readers of the blog know this, but here's my two cents.

Sent by Maya | 6:19 PM | 2-26-2008

What happened to SENSE OF HUMOR?

Sent by Khelani Clay | 8:07 PM | 2-26-2008

I wholeheartedly agree with Scott's first comment that the blog is really about class rather than race. But I disagree strongly with Scott's other point, which seems to be that we should be able to poke fun at minorities if we're going to make fun of whites.

Sorry, that's the one advantage of being oppressed--you get to ridicule the more powerful, wealthier oppressor much more freely. Stereotyping the more powerful groups in society (here whites) rarely has a seriously detrimental effect on them; however, negative stereotyping of the less powerful (here non-whites) tends to keep them in the lower status position.

Plus, the blog is just plain funny.

Sent by Christine | 11:17 PM | 2-26-2008

And here I thought I listened to NPR just because I liked it. Turns out I was just doing it so I could drop it in conversation and impress people. Who knew.

Sent by Marsha | 10:52 AM | 2-27-2008

I couldn't resist reading a few pages of the tongue-in-cheek blog, 'Stuff White People Like,' and I found it quite amusing.

What was extremely strange, though, were the comments from people who actually took it seriously. I can't imagine how anyone could get so worked up over something that is obviously light and funny. A sense of humor should be a prerequisite for life.

Sent by Janice | 11:08 AM | 2-27-2008

Tuesday's story about what white people like made me laugh. Friday night, as I came through the front door after attending an opening at a local art center which shows artists in it's nationally known program for emerging talent, my boyfriend asked how it was, and all that I could think of to say was that it was mighty white. Funny thing is we were both in that same program, and are, at least, mini white ourselves.

Sent by jenny humphreys | 1:14 PM | 2-27-2008

It surprises me that snowboarding is on the list, but not skiing...or hockey!

Just like Chris Rock said, as Nat X on SNL, "I was watchin' a hockey game and I noticed there were no black people. So I looked into this example of the white man once again keepin' the black man down and found out why there were no black people in hockey. First, it's cold out there! Second, we might get our gold teeth knocked out! Third, we have no desire to dominate another professional sport. And, finally, no brother is going to go anywhere there is a bunch of crazy white people wearin' masks and carryin' sticks! "

Sent by Kate Brandli | 1:16 PM | 2-27-2008

Thank goodness we've got an unpretentious guy in the white house who "keeps it real" by not reading the NY Times or falling for any of that "awareness" crap.

Sent by Ralph | 4:39 PM | 2-27-2008

As funny as a lot of the site is I think the guy is really confused about race and class...and ends up deepening that confusion for other folks not a good thing in the end...Also he seems to assume that black people don't care about the environment - or the health impacts of a deteriorating environment... I'd like to introduce the dude to a few people - Omar Freilla of the Green Worker Cooperatives and Majora Carter of Sustainable South Bronx for starters. I know it's supposed to be ironic... but sometimes it's just ignorant.

Sent by Anon | 6:33 PM | 2-27-2008

The blog is hilarious. I agree with Janice -- a sense of humor should be a prerequisite for life. It's OK to poke fun at ourselves. Really!

Sent by Mary | 8:26 PM | 2-27-2008

I wonder how long it would take for Talk of the Nation to be taken off the air and for Neil to be fired if he were to feature a blog called "What Black People Like".

Sent by Bill | 8:45 PM | 2-27-2008

White is a status, not a color. Which makes this blog very accurate. Those of us who are white (privileged) need to become aware of how our whiteness is about status. People who are white who do not feel privileged, i.e., are struggling and/or poor might feel confused about white status because it doesn't seem that they have had access. But that is part of our American history. People who are not white usually get it - aka what whiteness is. Those of us who have had the status often don't get it. We just assume everyone is or wants to be like us - white - because we are rarely challenged to step out of our comfort zone and look at ourselves. Hence we create programs to help people get "access" to what we have, rather than considering it something we should dismantle. Dismantle? ... but that would mean giving up the privilege! Yeah. White people like privilege so much we deny it exists so that it can't be stolen or taken away from us. Great idea!

Sent by Maggie Jarry | 9:48 PM | 2-27-2008

To the comments:

"What I also think is both funny and true is that white people like to blog..."


"white people like BLOGS. that should be on your blog"

Erm, actually, A LOT of non-white people blog. Check out Global Voices as just one aggregator of non-US blogs.

Tellingly, their motto is: "The world is talking. Are you listening?"

Sent by Ayesha | 1:33 AM | 2-28-2008

The good started a conversation amongst people of different cultures. The sad don't know many people other than white.

Candace, a Black American Woman

Sent by Candace | 8:49 AM | 2-28-2008

Thanks for this it. With its stereotypical "truth", it helps me to remember that what I see in people, may just be "what I see"--not what they are. My husband often says that we are just "too, too white bread" and I hate that...there is so much else in me that people do not see. I feel extremely uncomfortable around this stereotype white person, even tho I appear to be one of them. I know I have a "freak flag" and try to remember that most others probably do too. And sometimes, that's all that saves them...a bit of difference!

Sent by R Scott | 9:47 AM | 2-28-2008

I live in a predominantly black community and will never forget the first time I heard "white people stereotypes." I walked in on a conversation amongst co-workers when they were discussing the subject, namely how white people react in horror flicks, complete with apologetic "No offense"'s in my direction, then dramatization of said event from the movie. Needless to say, it was hilarious & I've considered myself enlightened ever since.

Sent by virginia | 10:13 AM | 2-28-2008

So what do Black people like?

Sent by Judith McMillan | 10:23 AM | 2-28-2008

Wow. After listening to this show I went to the blog and found the majority of my likes and hobbies on this blog. I am Black, and to add insult to injury I attend an HBCU ( Historically Black College or University). I chose to go to an HBCU to become more black, but I ironically enough I added more notches to my White People belt! In my defense, it was not my fault. I went to Predominately White schools from Pre-K through 12.

Sent by Carson | 11:41 AM | 2-28-2008

I thought some of these were pretty funny!

Sent by tracy | 3:25 PM | 2-28-2008

Needless to say, our society has a LONG way to go when it comes to solving its racial/ethnic issues. It is also VERY sad that we are STILL, in this United States of America, dealing with this issue...

I think is TOTALLY absurd to think that certain things are ONLY selected or done by certain groups of people in our society... although I clearly see AND accept (without being insulted) Mr. Lander's hilarious approach, etc. All of us are VERY strange beings with VERY strange tastes... My educated parents emigrated from Latin America after the civil war AND dedicated themselves to: WORK and to EDUCATE me but primarily to teach me to RESPECT all people regardless of their skin color. My father is very European looking and I am NOT... where does that leave us?

Sent by Karla | 4:54 PM | 2-28-2008

I'm a yellow person who went to graduate school in a quirky college town in Indiana where I had a chance to really study white people in situ. I kept telling white people there my observations about their behaviors (i.e. white people love knick-knacks, white people are crazy about public displays of affection) and now my white friends use the phrase "white people" with vigor!!! I'm very proud of my influence on their lives.

Sent by Ji | 6:35 PM | 2-28-2008

MLK,Jr. was so on the money when he said, and I paraphrase..."...that people should be judged by their character and not by the color of their skin". Geez, so much rhetoric when all one has to do is realize that to the best of my knowledge everyone's heart and brain are the same color and how they are used makes the difference...and of course, being a member of NPR and SCETV wouldn't hurt.

Sent by Joe Pinner | 9:57 PM | 2-28-2008

I just want to mention that the Park Slope food coop, the largest in the country has members of all classes and colors....working together for well priced and healthy food!

Sent by anon | 3:01 AM | 2-29-2008

I had heard about the blog but had not interest then someone sent me the link and of course I clicked and was completely sucked in. Not so much the daily postings but the comments really open som interesting dialog. I love it see inside the thougts of so many...I ended up blogging about the blog myself.

Sent by Elisa MacKenzie | 10:43 AM | 2-29-2008

The blog is funny and seems true to life, to me, though I am a black dude. Even funnier, though? White people who get all sensitive and shit about being made fun of. I guess after hundreds of years of dishing it out on the rest of us, you all have a low tolerance for being ridiculed.

And half of those of you whites who don't find this blog funny probably just realized that you are also a "race" and, as such, have your own stereotypes.

Welcome to the club, crackas. Hahaha...

Paul Mooney, Jr.

Sent by PMJ | 11:40 AM | 2-29-2008

I like the blog because it makes me laugh. I don't read it every day, but when I want a laugh, I read it. And the comments! Those are more hilarious than the blog!

Sent by Jeanineinkansas | 12:47 PM | 2-29-2008

Many people do not understand that racism is about power relationships. Therefore, stuffwhitepeoplelike is about stereotypes (funny ones), not racism. Stereotypes do not represent everyone, so some white people relate to the blog and some don't. Relax, fellow white folks, our power status is not in jeopardy.

Sent by a nice white lady | 5:35 PM | 2-29-2008

For once white people are being stereotyped. I say to them what they say when it happens to people of color, "why are you so sensitive?" "Just suck it up and stop whining." Apparently you van dish it out but can't take it.

Sent by Sharon | 6:46 PM | 2-29-2008

Only some white people like to do things that are educational, healthy, and smart. Such as listening to a station that has something other than "gangster rap".

Sent by emma watts | 8:14 PM | 2-29-2008

I would like to add to SWPL wearing jeans , usually Levis, on airplanes. This seems to occur mostly among slim professionals, but, alas, is spreading. (pun intended) How do I send this to the site?

Sent by Susan | 9:18 PM | 2-29-2008

I read the blog and found it not to be terribly funny. Perhaps it is because in order for something to be humorous, one must find at least something in it that resonates. According to Lander's 75 indices of whiteness thus far, I qualify as a white person on only one point...listening to NPR, which I think I'll give up for lent to see what life is like 100% outside of the pale! More on this on my own post

Sent by Janet Kozachek | 12:53 AM | 3-1-2008

This blog should be called what pretentious white snobs like.Just hook your fingers in their nose and drag them along!They cherish the ride.Yes,I'm white.But I'm honest and always love the irony.

Sent by susan | 11:25 AM | 3-1-2008

I hope people see the irony in this it's "haha" when it's white people...however when the mass media characterizes with general sweeps African Americans and Latinos (not with things as flattering as NPR and enviormentalism) it is no joke...I find it odd that so many of these things are positive... that is why people find it funny...unfortunately those of us with darker skin shades get our ethnicity questioned when we identify with all of these.

Sent by K | 12:15 PM | 3-1-2008

to scott: minorities can't be racist. why? racism = power. minorities = powerless. get it right. we may have prejudices just like everyone else in this world...but to use the term racism loosely without really defining it is what gets us into trouble. when someone in a position of power, namely in this country a white male, creates, implements, and disperse policies- these policies have major effects on the people in this country. sometimes, whether or not you choose to believe it, these policies are not only f'ed up, but they are intentionally put in place to screw over poor people, immigrants and people of color. yea, there are some non white males in positions of power, but how representative of the overall population is the group of people who are in power. vastly disproportional.

Sent by kenya | 9:49 PM | 3-8-2008

Hey, Paul Mooney, Jr! I find it interesting that you feel white people today reading this blog have been dishing it out to people of other races & cultures for hundreds of years.

Care to clarify?

Sent by A | 3:57 PM | 3-9-2008

It's funny, but not as well written as

Sent by Kim | 3:28 PM | 3-15-2008

I think the blog is funny, but I agree that "white people" may not be the best way to describe Lander's target.

I would propose renaming the blog, "Stuff Wealthy Narcissistic Liberals Like."

That said, I think the majority of wealthy narcissistic liberals are likely to be white. And, full disclosure, I am a white, educated professional living in NYC. I like many of the things on the list.

Sent by Andrew | 6:19 PM | 3-23-2008

The blog is funny. It's also funny the amount of knock offs it has generated. Here's an example:

Sent by kimbo | 8:18 PM | 3-24-2008

I will confess here that I am Black & I like a few things on The List. I attended an HBCU ( Historically Black College or University) - do you realize how difficult it is to hide my semi-Whiteness in school? It was horrible. When I'm with my Black friends (it's ok to say that, right?), I mention CarTalk & get a blank stare. I tried talking about What do You Know (sp) once - I didn't do that again. But in the workplace where there are just a handful of Blacks - I can be comfortable again.

But seriously, I love the blog. The generalizations about whites are similar to generalizations about blacks. I might get offended about the black stuff, but the white stuff is funny. What is really funny is the anger from people who feel that their race is being defamed by generalizations. Hey - I know how you feel.

Sent by joyce anderson | 12:05 AM | 3-25-2008

Sharon, the kind of people that would shrug off subtle racism against others are not the kind of people this guy is lampooning. "Diversity" is one of the things White People Like, after all, which illustrates the contradictory nature of this blog.

This strikes me as similar to Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be A Redneck If..." line, which I expect garnered similar reactions among the rusticated masses.

Sent by Nick Wright | 6:25 AM | 3-25-2008

I wonder if Lander will write a book about what white people hate next. It seems that there might be a whole new book there.

Sent by Jacqueline Balyer | 9:37 PM | 3-26-2008

No one I grew up around in my very white community would even understand the blog, let alone laugh at it, since most of it doesn't apply to them. A few of them would roll their eyes and ask why white = rich.

I can laugh at myself plenty, and I'm known for being a cut up in most work and personal situations, but how can I laugh at "myself" when I - and everyone I grew up with - is so misrepresented? Satire only works when based in reality. And this blog's reality isn't mine.

And to those who trot out the tired explanation that whites can be made fun of because we have power, please don't conflate institutional power and personal power. No human being fits neatly into a box of oppressor or oppressed. We're all a complex combination of both. Humor can be a great way of mining those complexities, but that requires going beyond easy stereotypes or "turnabout is fair play."

Sent by TM | 12:56 AM | 3-30-2008

That blog is hilarious. Now there's the minority response.

Sent by Paul | 6:58 PM | 4-1-2008

Let us not forget to consider that it may not be just by chance that the 'majority' of upper class citizens are white and economically stable. There are very solid reasons for the ease of mobility within white america and considerable evidence to show that access has always weighed heavily on the white male. There is a vast difference between a white supremacist societies inherent racist structure and the voicing and critiques of people of color to de-construct or simply point out obvious characteristics of whiteness.

Many of the items listed on this site are or were originally characteristics of people of color communities such as vegetarian eating, recycling (caring for the earth, and so forth. It is just a form of cultural gentrification where the oppressor claims the identifications of the oppressed while damaging their cultural identity at the same time.

How did we forget the most important thing that white people like? Their white privilege!

Sent by Nina Guerrero | 11:57 AM | 4-11-2008

I wonder what people will think of

It's just as funny, but a bit more controversial.

Sent by SWDallasite | 12:18 AM | 4-18-2008

I like the blog, Stuff that White People Like is nothing more than a comedic blog. Yes, in some ways it can be deemed as racist, but it only examines the behavior of a small minority. What is new about this blog, it makes fun of the white community, from a white perspective. I am only going to guess, that ninety-five percent of the white population don't fulfill the criteria set by the Stuff that White People Like blog. I love the way Landers writes, because it sharp, clever and witty.

Sent by Rohan Fisher | 9:14 AM | 5-16-2008

white people love to ride in the front seat of the car with there bare feet on the dashboards

Sent by john dow | 11:24 AM | 7-21-2008

I think people should lighten up about it. The book is hilarious
And look around,
most of the stuff is true. I know that I fall under a lot of those categories.
And I'm not offended by it.

Sent by Nic | 12:44 PM | 7-22-2008

Man...Okay...Lemme just say that I'm black and native american, and one of my white friends introduced me to this blog, and I laughed my arse off, b/c I, thank ye gods, have a universal sense of humor. And I was naive enough to believe that other people would just join in the good times and see the universality of the book (that it really does cross racial/cultural lines)and take it for what it was (self deprecating humor by some white guy who was quite comfy in his own skin) and not seize what apparently is an irresistible opportunity to revel in feeling offended. But, in any case, I have been afforded the opportunity (by the generous gods again) to laugh even more b/c not only are white folks offended, but further, minorities have even dug up an opportunity to take offense b/c we aren't counted in the book as eco-friendly, vegetarians who love the earth and dogs and coffee, too. AS IF, I mean COME ON people, don't be greedy, we have more than our fair share of stuff to be offended over, you could at least let the white folks have this one, SHEESH!)

Sent by Dee | 11:18 PM | 8-12-2008

I find it amazing that such an exceedingly gentle and humorous jab at whiteness has provoked such a negative response. I suppose as a Black American male, having personally faced the effects of truly malicious racial stereotyping nothing in here seems all that offensive. And even those stereotypes that do qualify as repugnant are unlikely to affect those white people who are offended other than in the form of a stray comment or two, at worst. None of the stereotypes in this book will influence the policies of social & political institutions, or law enforcement in regards to white people. This is what I feel makes this book so funny, you can laugh at it without worrying that the negative stereotypes in this will be the only depiction/interaction ethnic people will get of white people. In short I don't see any really downside to this book that can't be attributed to any other type of humor: someone/thing is usually always the butt of the joke. This time it is whiteness/white people ... no harm no foul ...

Sent by Morgan L. | 1:49 PM | 8-18-2008

White people like to speak Spanish. It's a mind-expanding experience to put together the puzzle of another vocabulary/grammar/accent and to perform in conversation. There's something unusual about white people and Spanish. The Mexican poor working person (the orange-picker down here in Florida) is a teacher, a smart guy and a figure to be admired. He or she can help you to build your skills in this alternative communication system.

Sent by Don Davis | 3:08 PM | 8-31-2008

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