I'm A Bracket Cinderella, Too!

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My brief moment of bracket glory.

My brief moment of bracket glory. Source: Yahoo Fantasy Sports hide caption

toggle caption Source: Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Cast your eyes to the left of this entry, squint real hard, and you will just be able to make out my rank in the office NCAA tourney pool. My team is Pajama Friday (the name is courtesy of a moment in the office last spring — rookie intern yielding comic gold — you know who you are, Goobers), and the rank, is ONE. Numero Uno. Granted — I'm sharing it with a few other people, but it's a moment of pride for me, before more Cinderallas and Giant Killers stomp all over my bracket. People — share your pride — share your defeat — share your Schaden -DUKE- freude — and bless this special time of year, where almost every game is good, and every streak can be broken. We're talkin' Tourney Time. Go 'hawks.* Go 'heels.** Go 'toppers***. Amen.

*For my honey.
**For my history.
***For the fun.



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I follow the Bracket provided by Inside Higher Ed (insideheighered.com) which has Davidson as the pick to win the whole thing based on their academic record.

Sent by Amber | 3:55 PM | 3-24-2008

Our office bracket pool allows posting of smack on the weekends, from home. Saturday afternoon I alone
had West Virginia, so of course posted the words to the John Denver hit Country Roads.

I was no longer singing when Davidson conquered Georgetown however.

Bonus: this morning, several co workers have told me they were unable to get "that song" out of thier heads all weeked.

Take me home, country roads.

Sent by Kathie from St Louis | 3:56 PM | 3-24-2008

Keiv Spare from Lawrence, Kansas

Ever since Bucknell upset Kansas in the first round a few years ago I've picked unheard of underdogs that begin with "B"
Bucknell, Belmont, Butler, Bonaventure, Boises State - if you've never heard of them and they start with a "B" - LOOK OUT.

You bet I was rooting for Belmont to beat Duke (which they almost did), especially since Duke is rival long-despised by Jahawk fans like myself.

Sent by Keiv Spare | 4:05 PM | 3-24-2008

Jacksonville University (Florida) vs UCLA. Wooden's experience made JU number two after the championship JU was the tallest and highest scoring team in the nation 1970 Artis Gilmore and Pembrook Burrows were giants and the dunk was not allowed.

Sent by Rol and Hutson | 4:06 PM | 3-24-2008

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