March 10th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, Does experience matter in a president?, opinion page, The Wire, drugs in drinking water.
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March 10th Show

All this week, Neal Conan is away and NPR reporter Robert Smith will be in the Talk of the Nation host chair. This is what Robert will be talking to our guests (and you) about today:

As Democratic Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama run neck-and-neck in the race to the White House, "experience" seems to be the word that most often divides them. Does experience really matter? We're asking that question of presidential historian Robert Dallek... and YOU in our first hour. Tell us what type of experience you feel is the right one for a president. Stayed tuned for the ender topic for that hour. We are working on our 'opinion page' segment as I type this.

The Wire. What can I say about The Wire? I've come to know the characters better than I know members of my own family. The series finale aired last night. Now, I must confess here that I'm a late bloomer when it comes to The Wire. I started watching this fifth season mainly out of curiosity because I knew the series was ending and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I got so hooked on it that a few months ago I started Netflixing the show from the beginning... Season one, episode one. I haven't had much of a personal life since. So while the series has officially ended, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of episode one, season three. The love affair continues!!! BUT while I am still in the first blush of a budding romance, I have now seen how it eventually ends, and this makes me sad. Anyone else feel the same way? Need to talk it out? How about a therapy session with The Wire creator David Simon and co-producer Ed Burns? They are our guests in the second hour to talk about The Wire, Omar, and our heartstrings getting "got." ~sniff~ At the end of the hour, we'll talk about what the discovery of trace amounts of prescription drugs in our drinking water could mean for you and the safety of your water.