March 20th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, Race at your kitchen table, Tift Merritt, the magic of the hat.
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March 20th Show

The discussion of race continues to be a hot button issue across America... even if the conversation is simply, "I'm tired of talking about race!!!" Whether or not you ARE talking about race, the door has certainly opened to let your opinions in. In this show's case, our phone lines and blog comment space are open and we will continue to invite you in to talk about your views and opinions as we try to peel back layers upon layers concerning the issue of race in the coming weeks. Today, for our entire first hour, we will discuss HOW we talk about race. What do you say when you're sitting at your dinner table surrounded by loved ones? Does that change when you are in public or among people of different ethnic groups than your own? Are you more uncomfortable? Do you completely shut down? Or have you chosen not to discuss race at all? We want to hear from everyone today... and particularly from those of you who may be feeling left out of the discussion entirely. Do you feel the issue of race has been narrowed down to just a "black-white" issue? Please call-in or send us your blog comments.

Our first hour should generate a very lively and perhaps a sometimes heated discussion. So for our second hour we'll cool things down a bit with some music!! Singer/songwriter Tift Merritt will be here with her band to play a few tunes. She went to Paris, France to write her latest album, it is titled Another Country (she'll be singing strictly in English, though). She'll talk about how 'Gay Paree' changed her sound, her life on the road and how she moonlights as a public radio host. Following that, pull out your Easter Bonnet (or Easter Brim). Los Angeles Times columnist Patt Morrison will talk about the allure of the hat!

Happy first day of spring!!!