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A new report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism says that the news media is in trouble, but not for the reasons we might normally think. My ears piqued. Called the "State of the News Media 2008," here are some of the more interesting findings:

* News is no longer a single, finished product — it's a 24/7 service that's constantly being updated. And fewer and fewer reporters are being ask to do more.

* The Web is not, it turns out, a surefire to democratize the media.

* Citizen-produced news and blog sites are actually less welcoming of outside commentary and participation than mainstream media sites.

* The agenda of the news media continues to narrow rather than broaden: more than 25% of the stories on television, online and in the papers last year were about the Iraq war and the 2008 presidential election.

Today we'll talk to Tom Rosenstiel, Director of PEJ and Vice Chairman of the Committee of Concerned Journalists, about the findings in more detail. So tell us, what changes have you seen in the news media over the past year?



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Young journalists with these new skills are very. There employers now feel "desperate" enough to listen!

Earlier before that situation became so dire, though of us who were excited about the new opportunities the web presented, tried to explore them.

We believed that the World Wide Web offered both our stories and our employers many new possibilities. When we tried to go forward and learn how to proceed, we were discouraged, at best. At worse, we were told to drop our efforts and just get on with our "real" work!

I am ambivalent about the state that "traditional" media outlets now find themselves.

Sent by Michael Mally | 4:18 PM | 3-17-2008

Somatic Digital will try to extend print publications into digital world


I'm painfully familiar with the problems of print publications in the digital age. A refugee from the newspaper industry, I (and every newspaper executive) wanted to find a way to capitalize on digital media. Jason Barkeloo is trying to solve that problem by effectively making newspapers and other print products into touch screens....

Sent by Jason E Barkeloo | 6:15 PM | 3-17-2008

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