April 7th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, "The Things that Carried Him," reparations, Parenting, Inc., the science of will-power.
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April 7th Show

In our first hour, we will talk with Esquire magazine staff writer Chris Jones about his article entitled, "The Things That Carried Him." In it, Jones gives an intimate, detailed look at what is involved when a soldier is killed in Iraq and takes the long journey home to his final resting place. Jones' article is featured in the May issue of the magazine. If you are involved in the transfer of bodies and remains of military personnel, or if you are a family member who's been through this process, please tell us your story. Following that, we'll speak with African-American historian Marvin Dunn about his op-ed entitled, "Make the apology meaningful." Dunn will offer some suggestions on how the state of Florida's recent apology for the enslavement of African-Americans could be more meaningful. His op-ed appeared in the April 6th edition of the Miami Herald.

Raising a child has become big business. In our second hour, author Pamela Paul will tell us just how big the child rearing industry is, and we'll ask the parents out there: Is there a product or service in particular that you (or your child) cannot live without? And how much would you pay for it? At the end of the hour, we'll break down the science of will power... or lack thereof. Can't stick to that diet? You may need to strengthen your brain.