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The news headlines we see about Iraq often tend to be big picture. Violence is up or down. There are political comings and goings. There has been an increase or decrease in troop levels. That kind of thing.

It's much harder to get a picture of what life is like on a daily basis for Iraqis. The producers of a new documentary came up with one way to get at that story. They gave a group of high school seniors video cameras and trained them to shoot footage of their everyday lives.

The film, Baghdad High was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival last week, and it is scheduled to run on HBO in August.

One of the filmmakers, Laura Winter, is scheduled to talk with us today, to tell us how she got this project off the ground and what it was like working on a documentary remotely (she was not in Baghdad, and kept the filming secret for the safety of the students involved). We'll also talk with Ali, one of the students featured in the film. He now lives in the United States, but we'll only identify him by his first name for the safety of his family back in Iraq.



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Listening to the interview with Laura Winters and Ali I was very disappointed with the interview, while Ali did best he could to answer, his command of English is still not good enough, why didn't Laura get an interpreter. I was quite surprised by the lack of knowledge on how to pronounce "Suni" by Laura. I think yet again a shallow attempt is being made to somehow show parallel between US teens and Iraqi teens. I will given the benefit of the doubt and will look out for the documentary in HBO.

Sent by Haroon Said | 2:07 AM | 4-30-2008

The one all important question was never asked of the boy.
Does he think things are getting better in Iraq?
I was waiting for this question but it was never asked.

Sent by Ted | 11:04 PM | 4-30-2008

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