Balancing My Budget: Eating Fudge

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You know how people always say that discipline breeds discipline? Good news! An op-ed in the New York Times makes the argument that we've only got a limited amount of willpower — so you don't have to diet if you're trying to spend less on shoes! (And maybe only shoes will fit you.) Yes, it's slightly more complicated than that — so here's a little background reading for you before we talk to Sam Wang. I will be at my computer eating my little heart out, and not internet shopping. (Obsessed with this bag. And this pie. Sigh.)



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I'm a medical student and I just finished taking my first of a series of licencing exams. The one thing I told myself that i would not do durring the months i spent studying for this standardized test was stop exercising, stop eating healthy, and start pounding the junk food. I tried very hard, but the studying always seemed to edge everything else out of my mind. I did amazingly on the exam, but i gained 12 pounds and ended up very out of shape.

Sent by Adam Mace | 3:49 PM | 4-7-2008

I have a two year old and I've been trying to loose weight. It seems like all my energy is going towards dealing with his tantrums and not giving in. Guess what happens to my diet? Yep gone. This makes so much sense now. I guess baby steps are the way to go.

Sent by Heather Armbtruster | 2:20 PM | 4-22-2008

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