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I'll confess I was a bit worried about Ron Paul as a guest. The Congressman and Republican Presidential candidate's campaign may be the most interesting of this year's also-rans. Once the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party, Rep. Paul's long-shot candidacy never found much traction with voters, but caught fire on the Internet, where he generated astonishing financial support from many thousands of donors. We had him on the show a couple of times by phone from the campaign trail in relatively short interviews, but I was concerned that lengthy explanations of monetary policy might sound just a little bit, well, wonky.

If you heard his appearance yesterday with NPR's political editor Ken Rudin, on our Political Junkie Segment, Rep. Paul was charming, self-deprecating, and, at times, quite funny. It's easier for a politician with little at stake to be forthright, but it's refreshing, nevertheless. And extending the time gave listeners a chance to hear more depth - and, when he spoke about bringing troops back home, deconstructing the "American Empire, " and the difficulties of third party candidates, the depth of passion. I regret that we still don't know what Ron Paul plans to do with all that money he raised - his may be the best financed uncontested congressional campaign in history.