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Other shows have talked about Oscar Pistorius. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we're talking with him. The South African sprinter, who is a double amputee, will join us in the first hour of our program, to take your questions.

A few days ago, the Court of Arbitration for Sport announced that Pistorius may compete for a spot in the Olympic Games. Previously, the International Association of Athletics Federations determined that the j-shaped prostheses Pistorius uses to run, made of carbon fiber, would give him an unfair advantage over so-called "able-bodied" runners.

Reaction to the decision has been varied. Some athletes, analysts, and fans worry that the Court's decision could change sports fundamentally. What do you think?



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How can we separate perfomance enhancing equipment from performance enhancing drugs. One of the few consistancies of sport is you compete with what you have?

Sent by Brett Henderson | 2:22 PM | 5-22-2008

While I admire Oscar, I do think it is unfair. I was once a athlete. DJD, Arthritis and EDS have reduced me to trying to walk without looking like Fred Sanford having a "I'm coming to see you Elizabeth," Moment. I have endured multiple surgeries in trying to extend the day I have either full replacement or other.......
There are days that I seriously plan out amputations just so I can have a single day, minute without pain.
It is the incredibly pain and lack of movement that prevents me from become an athlete now.

Sent by michelle | 2:53 PM | 5-22-2008

I think Oscar should not be barred from competing at all.
If swimmers can wear clothing that repels water and go faster than other swimmers, then why can not Oscar wear prosthetic legs?

Sent by Chetan | 2:54 PM | 5-22-2008

Have you heard of Katy Sullivan, born without legs (below the knees)? She will be running in the para olympics and is very very fast! You should check her out.

Sent by N Talantis | 3:01 PM | 5-22-2008

I think any athelete should be allowed to have his or her legs amputated and use the same legs Oscar uses. THen it will be fair. I doubt any other atheletes will choose this option.

Sent by Lisa | 7:56 PM | 5-22-2008

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