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Moe... Moe... Is that a good name for a vice president? How about Tim? Or Ed? Or Bill, Haley, or Sonny? What about Condoleezza? Is your head spinning yet?

Imagine you're the one making the selection. Every potential running mate brings advantages to the ticket... and baggage, too. After a weekend barbecue in Sedona, everyone's buzzing about Mitt, Bobby, Charlie and Meg... and until the Dem's contest is settled once and for all, both the first and second names on the ticket are up for debate. Who's your pick for McCain's mate? And how do you see things panning out on the Democratic ticket?



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Obama needs someone like Sen. Jim Webb. Former Marine, combat veteran, Former Sec. of the Navy, author, etc.

McCain needs someone young and fun and female.

Sent by Robert | 1:40 PM | 5-28-2008

this election will be about defense and foreign policy... and the war. One Senator fought the Bush folks tooth and nail... Patrick Leahy. He could fit the same demographic as Cheney, small State, but foreign policy and constitutional repository.

Sent by William Laney | 2:19 PM | 5-28-2008

Why doesn't Obama pick the most qualified person on the planet to be the Vice President of the United Staes. AL GORE!

He answers Obama's " no experience" and he can continue Cheney's "strong vice president" status and become the nations leader to fix our global environmental issues. He also has "shaken off" everyone he "owed"

Could not be beat

Sent by Joe Budious (boo dee us) | 2:26 PM | 5-28-2008

Wasn't the listener question today
"Who was the last member of the house of
representatives to run for VP on a major party ticket?"The answer was Miller who ran in 1964.Why wouldn't Jack Kemp who ran as Doles VP in 1988 be the right answer?

Sent by Hy Weiner | 2:34 PM | 5-28-2008

so you didn't like my comment that I thought Senator Patrick Leahy would be worth considering... I guess it is Rodham Clinton or nothing huh? You got the power, we in t.v. land are just consumers of your life (i.e. just passing through). So be it, lucky there are real blogs that are not screened by bullet dodgers.

Sent by William Laney | 2:45 PM | 5-28-2008

While the question of whom to choose as a running mate may be of lesser importance than we assume for a major party nominee, it can play a major role in improving or diminishing the success of a minor party campaign. For a discussion of who the Green Party may nominate for Vice President, a visit to might be helpful.

Sent by Gregg Jocoy | 2:51 PM | 5-28-2008

I am sorry to be writing this after your segment on Hilary's comments about RFK is over, but I want to express my thoughts and those of my husband.

If Americans are indeed sick of political posturing, then we need to learn to be equanamous when a candidate speaks conversationally. My husband and I are in our sixties, and we are strong supporters of Barack Obama. I say this so you will know that we are not merely supporting Hillary regardless of what she says.

Hillary spoke as we all speak. We all mark time according the the salient events in our lives. It is completely relevant to her explanation of her continuing campagin that RFK was still campaigning in June, and it is memorable that he was assasinated while doing so. For us, there is a patent hypocrosy in studiously avoiding mention of the assasination, simply because it would be politically liable. Of course, when those of us who are old enough to remember the horror of the RFK assasination, it would be impossible not to think of that tragic fact when remembering that RFK was still campaigning in June.

I also want to make it clear that we think this way even though, politically, we think it is time for Hillary to end her campaign. Have we come to a time in our country wherein we must comdemn everything said by anyone we do not support politically? What a sad and misguided state of affairs.

Sent by Juliette Colangelo | 4:33 PM | 5-28-2008

I didn't hear the program today, but I can answer the post regarding why wouldn't Jack Kemp be the answer to last member of the House of Representatives to run as VP--Kemp served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bush 41 after his time in the House and was not a sitting Representative when he was placed on the ticket with Dole. (as a correction, Kemp was VP on the 96 ticket, not the 88 ticket which, of course, was Bush 41-Quayle).

Sent by David Mingus | 4:57 PM | 5-28-2008

In contemplating who should be McCain's VP, I think it would be a terrible mistake for him to chose Governor Bobby Jindal of Lousiana or Meg Whitman, former eBay executive. These are two of the names speculated as being possible choices. McCain's major advantage, and plan of attack, in the general election against Obama is going to be over the issue of experience. How will he be able to make this attack if his own VP choice is a man who has only been governor for less then two years (Jindal) or a person whose experience is eBay? His age makes his VP choice very important and it would be a significant error for him to undercut his experience advantage by choosing a highly inexperienced and, thus, unqualified VP candidate. From his own perspective, he should chose someone with some ties to the religious right to help encourage them to actually get out and vote for him instead of staying home. This choice would allow the VP candidate to woo the religious conservatives instead of trying to do that work himself and allow him to work with independents and swing voters, which he is better at attracting.

Sent by David Mingus | 5:06 PM | 5-28-2008

Regarding the post that Obama should choose Al Gore as his VP candidate. Why in the world would Gore take that job? What would be his motivation? 2012 is only four year away.

Sent by David Mingus | 5:09 PM | 5-28-2008

Kathleen Sebelius - Kansas State Governor

She is a popular moderate Democrat from a red state who will please those Hilary supporters who want to see a woman on the ticket. In addition, her father was governor of Ohio, so she has family political connections that could help win that critical swing state.

Sent by Amy | 6:46 PM | 5-28-2008

Are there any rules for choosing your VP? Does the Democratic Party have any say? I'm just wondering, will Obama be forced to pick Hillary or will he be free to choose anyone? Will he be free to choose someone like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson?

Sent by Barb | 7:06 PM | 6-3-2008

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