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In our first hour, we'll talk about shocking news that filled newspapers last week: Josef Fritzl, a 73-year-old Austrian man, held his daughter captive in the basement of his home and fathered seven children with her. He is now under investigation for rape, incest, coercion and the death of one child. Fritzl's lawyer is preparing an insanity defense, arguing Fritzl has a serious mental disorder and did not "choose" to do what police allege he did.

Where is the line drawn that divides responsibility and insanity?

In our first hour, we will look at who and what determines "legal insanity". At the end of the hour, we'll talk with Marianne Kearney Brown, a graduate student at Cal State East Bay about why she declined to sign the loyalty oath required to teach mathematics at the university.

When author David Gilmour's son, Jesse, dropped out of high school, he offered his son a deal. Jesse could drop out, live at home job and rent free, BUT it was required that they watch three movies a week together. In the second hour, David Gilmour and Jesse tell their story of how "film home schooling" effected their father-son relationship. At the end of the hour, we'll talk how Facebook could lead to the demise of the beloved school yearbook.