No Honor in the Honorary Degree?

I sure would love to get an honorary degree. It's cheap, and you don't have to take a math class. Neil Simon described them this way:

You must realize that honorary degrees are given generally to people whose SAT scores were too low to get them into schools the regular way. As a matter of fact, it was my SAT scores that led me into my present vocation in life, comedy.

He was, as you may have guessed, the recipient of quite a few of those particular honors. Northwestern University found itself in a bit of an honorary dilemma a few weeks ago when it offered — and then rescinded — an honorary degree for the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Joseph Epstein — a fabulous and funny guy — wrote a great piece in the Weekly Standard about the relative worth of these honorary docs. Have you got one? What's it worth to you?



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A local donor to the University insisted that his favorite horse be granted an honorary doctorate in exchange for $500 million. The board of trustees rammed it through in spite of the protests from the University President. When the horse was presented his degree the President announced, "This is the first time our University has bestowed an honorary degree to an entire horse".

Sent by Mike Adams | 4:01 PM | 5-20-2008

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