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It's been a busy morning. My alarm clock didn't go off... I had guests to book... Scott McLellan surprised us all... I'll throw it over to Susannah George, who generously offered to blog today. (Thanks, Susannah!)

Today, our show is all about covering the campaign, but first, just to dispel any rumors, there was once a time when we weren't on the campaign trail. I know, I checked. The Washington Post's Campaign '08 Blog doesn't not snake back into eternity... Only about a year.

Today we've got three reporters from the field (trail?), to tell us what it's really like out there, in the wilds of Campaign '08. NPR's very-own Don Gonyea and David Greene, as well as Elizabeth Holmes of The Wall Street Journal.

Gonyea has been covering the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), Greene has been trailing Senator Hilary Clinton (D-NY) and ... I'm stealing David Gura's words here because they are just so good... Elizabeth Holmes has been on "The Straight Talk Express" with Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

What do you want to know about life on the trail, the bus or The Express, for that matter? From the rock-star-esque moments (think Obama-Oprah) to the tedium (the differences between primaries and causes, for instance), theses guys have it all... Leave your questions. Post your reminiscences.



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I wonder if there have been times when these reporters have been so caught up in the speaches of the candidates that they forgot they were suppose to be working and were really inspired or enraptured. An example?

Sent by Rachel Fuss | 3:48 PM | 5-28-2008

Campaign reporters need to understand that others such as Margaret Carlson and her tiresome tirade about the low quality of Al Gore press bus snacks have discredited objective campaign reporting. The collective "YOU" need to escape your bubble.

Sent by Rob McCrea | 4:51 PM | 5-28-2008

What are the security risks for the candidates. I was impressed at how accessible Hillary Clinton was at a campaign stop in Southern Oregon. The Security detail was very present. When John Kerry was here in 2004 he seemed so much more protected. Have there been more attempts on Hillery or Barak in the past year?

Sent by Oregon Bell | 6:04 PM | 5-28-2008

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