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Nothin' better than a nicely shaped head.

Nothin' better than a nicely shaped head. Source: Mark Mainz/Getty Images hide caption

toggle caption Source: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

If I were to rank the Sex and the City girls, here's the list. (I love them all, but I'm a Miranda fan.)
1) Miranda
2) Samantha
3) Carrie
4) Charlotte
But the boys are a different matter. Here's the list.
1) Harry
2) Harry
3) Harry
4) Steve and the rest of 'em.
I LOVE Harry. Love him. Knew instantly that Charlotte would get her shiksa together and make it work — and adored him from the start. Hair in all the wrong places, and yet — Harry was the one for me, and Charlotte apparently. Good news, Harry fans, it turns out actor Evan Handler is actually much cooler than the character he plays — and a really great writer. He might give actors a good name.

His second memoir It's Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive, picks up where the first one left off. Get this — when he was twenty three, he was told he had six months to live. After intensive chemotherapy, a long shot bone marrow transplant, and a fifty percent chance of remission — he survived. His first memoir was about his illness... This one is about his survival. It's really worth reading, Harry fan or not. And it's definitely worth tuning in today.



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I, too adored Harry and love Evan's other work. Thank god you are going to be around for awhile!

Sent by Toni | 3:35 PM | 5-13-2008

I miss "It's like you, you know" That was a terrific Show. They should bring that back!

Sent by Richard gavatin | 6:47 PM | 5-13-2008

Not having read the book, but enjoying the TOTN appearance, I would suggest that his point might be summarized as follows:

"Enjoy the precious banality of everyday life, It is a sometime rare thing."

Sent by J. C. Jepson | 4:51 PM | 5-14-2008

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