For Less Than a Tank of Gas : Blog Of The Nation Dinner out, my new DVD burner, and this blog post all cost less than filling up with gas... what else is now cheaper than a tank of gas?
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For Less Than a Tank of Gas

Maybe the balloon is happy because it's cheaper than a gallon of gas? Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images hide caption

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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

There's a fast food restaurant in San Antonio that's found a creative way to capitalize on the high gas prices... With some clever marketing. The San Antonio Express-News reports:

As summer turns our pores into water spouts, the only thing climbing faster than the temperature is the price of gasoline - $3.75 one week, $3.89 the next, who knows what the next.
In San Antonio, a fast-food restaurant proclaims on its sign: "FILL YOUR TUMMY FOR LESS THAN A GAL OF GAS."

And come on, with gas prices what they are you can do a whole lot better than a fast food joint and STILL fill your tummy for less than your tank.

Could this be a new cliche in the making? You might say something is "light as a feather" or "big as a whale," but what sorts of things do you shop for that now might be "cheaper than a tank of gas?"