July 16th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, NPR's political junkie Ken Rudin talks about John McCain and Barack Obama's appeal to African-American and Latino voters and Green party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney. And Chris Lamb explains the effectiveness of the p...
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July 16th Show

It's Wednesday, which means we're at the Newseum today. And we've got a great show planned for you. Here's what's coming:

NPR's Ken Rudin will join us for the Political Junkie in our first hour. This week, we'll talk about John McCain and Barack Obama's address at the NAACP annual convention, Green party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, and of course our trivia question. Then, we'll talk about the art of the political put-down with Chris Lamb, editor of the book I'll Be Sober in the Morning: Great Political Comebacks, Putdowns & Ripostes.

Actor Robert Redford has been fighting on behalf of the environment for over 30 years. Most recently, he has teamed up with Youth Speaks, a youth development organization that uses spoken word to create global change. Redford and two slam poet participants of Youth Speaks will join us in our second hour to talk about environmental activism. Following that, White House press secretary Dana Perino remembers Tony Snow, whom she succeeded in 2007.

Enjoy the program today!