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July 1st Show

Here's a quick look at what's coming up today:

Earlier this week, the U.S. Army released its account of what went wrong after the United States invaded Iraq. The seven-hundred page report is called On Point Two: Transition to the New Campaign. In our first hour, we'll talk with a military historian who worked on the project and three officers who were interviewed for it. Following that, we'll talk with Staten Island Yankee pitcher phenom Pat Venditte. He is the only ambidextrous pitcher in major league baseball and may become the first full-time switch pitcher in the pros in 120 years!

Olympic athletes aren't born. They are made. Those vying for a spot on an Olympic team must completely dedicate their lives to becoming world class athletes. But what EXACTLY does it take to reach that level? Three athletes, two who will be at this year's Olympic Games in Beijing and one who just missed the cut, talk about putting their sport first in the hope of bringing home the gold. That will be at the top of the second hour. At the end of that hour, we'll talk to director Alex Gibney about his upcoming movie "Gonzo" that explores the life and work of the late journalist and writer Hunter S. Thompson.